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Wolf's Eye Lighthouse
Type Lighthouse
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Settlement Solitude
Solitude Lighthouse circa 2E 582

Wolf's Eye Lighthouse also known as Solitude Lighthouse is a lighthouse at the northernmost coast of Haafingar Hold. The lighthouse is very important for trade, with it being crucial for sailors navigating to Solitude by preventing ships crashing into the rocky terrain. The lighthouse has been around since at least 2E 582. The lighthouse is looked after by a keeper, with the keeper in 4E 201 being a retired Khajiit sailor.[1]

In 4E 201, a bandit group known as the Blackblood Marauders wanted to put out the lighthouse in order to loot an Imperial trade ship known as the Icerunner.[2]

In Skyrim

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