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High Queen Roleke
Race Nord Gender Female
Next Ruler Irthvyd the Impassive
Resided in Solitude
Blue Palace

High Queen Roleke, also known as "Head-Rolling" Roleke, was a High Queen of Solitude during the late First Era. She was known to be a bloodthirsty ruler. During her reign, she married numerous times, going "through a succession of many spouses". At some point, during her rule, she purportedly decapitated over twenty rebels in less than five minutes, with some sources claiming that one of her spouses was among the executed.[1]

Her violent behavior caused the people of Solitude to rise up against her and lay siege to the Blue Palace. In the midst of the chaos, a jarl named Irthvyd the Impassive, who previously played crucial role in restoring order in Solitude after Roleke's brutal executions, arrived to the Palace. According to oral tradition, Kyne herself appeared to him and stated that Roleke had died at the hands of her progeny only hours before his arrival. All her children died during the siege, from her own hands, leaving the Solitude with no High King, Queen or any blood heirs. Few hours later, Irthvyd was crowned the new High King of Solitude with the favor of Kyne. Irthvyd ruled peacefully for many years until his title passed to his advisor, Temylda, who won it in single combat against several jarls.[1]

Tales of Roleke's reign were compiled by Erisa Sylbenitte of the Coterie of Organized Scholars at some point before 2E 582.[1]

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