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Rimelink (Blades)

Rimelink is an enchanted blade made in the style of the known Tsaesci "blood drinker" longswords: the transforming blade known as Dawnfang and Duskfang and the vampiric sword named Bloodthirst.

Like these other longswords, its crossguard and pommel are adorned with elegant jewels, its pronged blade resembles the gaping maw of a beast, and it has a snakeskin pattern that envelops the areas around the crossguard, handle, and pommel. Like Dawnfang, it has a golden snakeskin pattern, but it differs from both Dawnfang and Duskfang in that its jewel appears to be infused with a blizzard. Like Duskfang, its attacks freeze the wielders enemy, but Rimelink grants its user mastery over the power of frost, and makes enemy frost attacks laughable against Rimelink's user. The blade amplifies the power of frost attacks, draining away a target's stamina when it strikes, and its power is further magnified when the wielder is in mortal peril.[1]

Sometime after the end of the Great War, around 4E 180, the former member of the Blades, the Warrior, came across Rimelink in their journey. The method of acquisition of the sword is conflicted, however.[2]

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