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Race Argonian Gender Female
Resided in Anvil
Appears in Oblivion
Anvil, circa 3E 433

Quill-Weave was a famous Argonian author who lived in Anvil in the final years of the Third Era, and the onset of the Fourth Era. She penned a collection of popular novels such as Red Crater and The Goblin with the Golden Arm and was known for her belief that the Doomstones carried no traces of magical power of any kind, instead linking them to the activities of long-forgotten cults and ancient sky worship of the Beastfolk of the Mythic Era.[1][2]


A Doomstone

Little is known of Quill-Weave's past. She was known to spend a lot of her time traveling to gather material and to do research for her books. She was known for her acrobatic skills and was known to offer her services as a trainer.[2]

As of 3E 433 she was already a famous and accomplished author. At least two of her novels: Red Crater and The Goblin with the Golden Arm were published as of then. Although those novels were known to revolve around the tales of lower classes, thieves, outlaws, murderers, and criminals and they were extremely popular, giving Quill-Weave fame both in the Cyrodiil and throughout the Empire's provinces. During that time Quill-Weave was working on her new series of historical fiction set in the times of early Reman Empire. She planned a cycle of twenty-one books, each named after a Cyrodilic Doomstone. Unlike her previous works, she aimed to focus on more mature and epic themes to celebrate the noble virtues of Cyrodiil and the Empire.[1]

During the same year, Quill-Weave was caught leaving rotten meat outside her neighbor Arvena Thelas' home to lure out her pet rats so the local guards could deal with them, causing mountain lions to enter the streets of Anvil and harm people. She was unaware of the potential consequences of her actions, and hoped to convince the witness - a member of Fighters Guild to keep this incident a secret. It is unclear whether she faced any consequences for her wrongdoings, but despite that, she continued to reside in Anvil and retained her popularity as an author.[2][3][4]

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