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High King Istlod
SR-concept-Crystalline Throne.png
High King Istlod of Skyrim[1][nb]
Race Nord Gender Male
Next Ruler Torygg
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim The Adventure Game

Istlod was the High King of Skyrim and Jarl of Haafingar during the late second century of the Fourth Era.[2][3] He ruled for almost twenty-five years and was considered to be instrumental in keeping the province together during the Great War.[2] When the White-Gold Concordat was signed between the Third Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion in 4E 176, Istlod was forced to make outlaws of all Blades agents residing in his province,[3] in some accounts he is said to have formally placed bounties on their heads.[3] Upon Istlod's death, the Moot formally named his son Torygg his successor.[2]


  • nb^  The image presented here was previously featured in The Art of Skyrim, where it is said to be a cut concept art depicting the "Crystalline Throne of Whiterun", and was later repurposed canonically to depict the current "High King" for the Chapter 1 campaign of Skyrim The Adventure Game -- as featured in that title's Scenario Book.[1]