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Mark Jones in 2008

Mark K. Jones was an artist at Bethesda Softworks.

Jones began practicing self-taught digital art on the Commodore VIC-20 and Amstrad CPC 464 due to dissatisfaction with the graphics of games he was playing. At age 18 he entered the video game industry, going straight from education to a job at Ocean Software.[1] In 1993 he joined Bethesda where he would contribute creature and character design, 3D modelling, animation, texture and sprite work for both characters and environments, prerendered cutscenes and trailers, box design, and art team leadership. After Redguard’s release in 1998, Jones left his role at Bethesda but continued to work with them on further Elder Scrolls games as a freelancer. His final involvement in the series was with Shadowkey, though since then he has unsuccessfully applied for another job at Bethesda.[2]

Elder Scrolls Game Credits[edit]

Shadowkey - Lead Artist
Dawnstar - Art
Stormhold - Art
Morrowind - Additional Character and Creature Art
Redguard - Cutscene Animations (XL Translab)
Battlespire - Art
Daggerfall - Art

Elder Scrolls Book Credits[edit]

Battlespire Athenaeum - Artworks


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  2. ^ YouTube comment - Mark Jones (ca. 2017): "I've been trying to get 'back in' to Bethesda for bout 10 years or so. I apply every 18 months to 2 years. So far nothing. Fingers always crossed however :) I do know many of the Daggerfall crew did return. Not sure how many 'originals' are there now.”