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Exile Blades Survival Test
Medium/Format Website
Date June 30, 2020
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As a member of Blades forced into exile

How long can you survive?



According to the White-Gold Concordat just signed by the Emperor,the Blades are hereby outlawed and disbanded.You're ready to pack up and flee to your hometown.At this point, there's only one slot left in your bag.

Choose what to pack:

A) Dagger. (+2)

B) Food. (+3)

C) Clothes. (+0)

D) Books. (+1)



You stand at the Southern gate of the Imperial City,and prepare to leave along with a crowd.Four Thalmor soldiers walk towards you.They haven't noticed you.

You choose to:

A) Keep walking with your head down. (+3)

B) Change to another door. (+2)

C) Fight with them! (+0)

D) Leave in a few days. (+1)



You walk from sun up to sun down.You spot a fort along the way,and it's occupied by bandits.The bandits in the distance don't seem to be concerned about you.

You choose to:

A) Go in and kill the bandits. (+0)

B) Take the long way around. (+3)

C) Maintain the original route. (+1)

D) Sneak through the fort. (+2)



You come upon a small town.There are currently no signs of the Thalmor activity here.At this point, your wallet is empty.

You choose to:

A) Go to the temple and ask for offerings. (+2)

B) Make money by working at an inn. (+3)

C) Use your reputation as a Blades for credit. (+0)

D) Serve local thanes. (+1)



You stayed in town for a while.One day, an Altmer gladiator comes to the hotel.She promises five hundred gold coins to anyone who can defeat her.

You choose to:

A) Ignore her. (+2)

B) Watch, but don't participate. (+3)

C) Make every effort to win. (+0)

D) Play fight with her. (+1)



One day in a bar, you see a Redguard who claims himself to be a Blades.He's drinking alone and complains about the Emperor's betrayal.

You choose to:

A) Ignore him. (+1)

B) Drink with him. (+0)

C) Observe him silently. (+3)

D) Assume a fake identity and talk with him. (+2)



One day, you heard someone in a bar talking about a dragon in a nearby cave.It may be the culprit in recent disappearances.

You choose to:

A) Find the cave yourself and slay it. (+0)

B) Organize a group and go together. (+1)

C) Ignore them. (+3)

D) Investigate. If too dangerous, run. (+2)



A group of Thalmor agents come to town.You overhear them talking about arresting some Talos worshippers at night.

You choose to:

A) Secretly inform the worshippers. (+3)

B) Kill them all. (+0)

C) Let them arrest the worshippers. (+1)

D) Escort the worshippers out of town. (+2)



You walk into the marketplace,and drop the Blades badge.A troublemaker spots it.He threatens to report you if you don't give him two hundred coins.

You choose to:

A) Pay the hush money. (+2)

B) Pay him half the money. (+3)

C) Threaten him back. (+0)

D) Punch him in front of everyone. (+1)



You leave town,and continue towards your home.You meet a fellow at a crowded outpost.The fellow asks about life in the Imperial City.

You choose to:

A) Tell the truth. (+0)

B) Call yourself a blacksmith. (+3)

C) Claim you've never been to the Imperial City. (+2)

D) Call yourself a soldier. (+1)


Score 0-10 or 11-15 or 16-20 or 21-25 or 26-30

You can survive for 0 days

From whom do you learn? This isn't how a member of Blades should be! Your choices are out of touch. You should retrain to become a qualified Blades.
Go to download "The Elder Scrolls: Blades".
Practice well, learn well!

You can survive for 30 days

Your performance is only equal to a Blades newcomer. Good or bad, the result depends on your experience. You have a chance to prove your mettle.
Go to download "The Elder Scrolls: Blades".
Do your best become a qualified Blades!

You can survive for 60 days

Your training is said to be in vain. You can utilize the knowledge you've gained, but you still can't escape the Thalmor's grasp. If you want to further your ability,
Go to download "The Elder Scrolls: Blades".
Strive to break the Thalmor's hold on Cyrodiil!

You can survive for 120 days

You can effectively hide your identity. Your judgment prolongs your life, and you're regarded as a qualified Blade. But the road to become a Master Blade is a long one indeed.
Go to download "The Elder Scrolls: Blades".
Do your best and become the best Blade you can be!

You can survive for ∞ days

Your decisions are perfect. You're certainly considered to be an Elite among the Elites.Your old mentor would be proud of you! Now, here's the chance to show your strength!
Go to download "The Elder Scrolls: Blades".
Let everyone know who the true Master Blades is!