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Daggerfall Unity: Enemy Generation[edit]

Daggerfall Unity creates enemies using two systems: one for the outdoors and one for dungeons. Being within a civilized location at night counts as outdoors. Any enemy that is spawned within a safe location (such as inside a town during the day, or inside a house) is generated by the quest engine, and therefore will follow custom rules. For the same reason, being inside a dungeon with a quest that actively spawns enemies will change how frequently enemies are generated.

Both systems depend on die rolls per hour. Take note that the laws of probabilities are not guarantees, but estimates. When a 1-in-25 roll succeeds, it does not mean the next 24 rolls will fail merely because those are the odds (see the Gambler's Fallacy for more information).


Enemies in the wilderness will spawn on a one-in-25 die roll every hour. Which enemies are spawned depends on the climate, your character's level, and the time of day; different enemies spawn from 6 AM to 6 PM than do spawn during the night time.


Enemy generation in dungeons depends on whether you have recently encountered an enemy. If you have come within 12 meters of a foe, an "alert" status is placed on you, which significantly increases enemy spawns. (As with all Daggerfall distance checks, this 12-meter rule ignores walls and floors.) Killing an enemy after the alert has been raised, and being too far away from other enemies to generate a new alert, will allow the player to have uninterrupted rest. Thus, it is possible to create a sanctuary within a dungeon where all enemies have been killed, and return there to rest when new parts of the dungeon become too dangerous. Alternatively, if eight hours pass after the alert has been raised and the player has not triggered a new alert, the alert is dropped.

While the alert is raised, there is a one-in-37 chance of an enemy being created every hour. The enemy created by the dungeon depends on that dungeon's spawning tables and your character's level.