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Lady Doryanna Flyte

Lady Doryanna Flyte is a Wood Elf noble and the wife of Lord Auberon Flyte, the ruler of Anticlere.

Lord Flyte is still the official ruler of Anticlere, but ever since he contracted Guedoilic Plague, Lady Flyte has assumed the mantel of leadership. She has since replaced the Lord's counselors with her own advisors, and become the leader of Anticlere's knightly order, the Knights of the Flame.

There are whispered rumors that Lady Flyte is consorting with the (supposedly) imprisoned guildmaster of Anticlere's Thieves Guild, even helping him escape at night to rob passesrsby together.


  • Lady Doryanna Flyte does not actually appear in the game, existing only as one of its numerous political factions.
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