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Whenever you click an object, NPC, or enemy, the currently selected Interaction Mode determines the effect of that interaction. There are four modes:

  • Steal mode: picking finger icon (F1 key)
  • Grab mode: grabbing hand icon (F2 key)
  • Info mode: eye icon (F3 key)
  • Dialogue mode: word balloon icon (F4 key)

Steal Mode[edit]

Steal mode

Steal mode allows you to make pickpocketing attempts against NPCs and enemies, and lockpicking attemps against non-magically locked doors.

Grab Mode[edit]

Grab mode

Grab mode allows you to open unlocked doors, climb ladders, operate switches, and search treasure piles or corpses for loot. You can also speak to friendly NPCs while in grab mode.

Info Mode[edit]

Info mode

Clicking in info mode will display a description of the object being clicked. This includes the names of NPCs and buildings, treasure piles, a door's lock status, etc. Additionally, opening certain doors in some locations while in info mode will display a short summary of the room within.

Dialogue Mode[edit]

Dialogue mode

Dialogue mode allows you to speak to NPCs without the fear of accidentally attempting to pickpocket them. This mode also allows for looting treasure piles and corpses.

Interactions Table[edit]

Object Clicked Mode Result
Person Steal Pickpocket a viable town NPC or an enemy
Grab or Dialogue Speak to an NPC (when possible)
Info Displays an NPCs name or enemy's type
Door Steal Attempt to pick a locked door
Grab Open an unlocked door
Info or Dialogue Check if a door is locked
Treasure, dead body, etc. Grab or Dialogue Allows you to loot the item
Info Describes the object
Buildings Any Gives name or description of the building
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