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Features/Improvements section and roadmap
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Daggerfall Unity is a fan-made open source project to recreate Daggerfall in the Unity engine. This is distinct from DaggerXL, which was an attempt to recreate Daggerfall using a homemade engine in C++.

Features and improvements[edit]

Daggerfall Unity features a variety of improvements over classic Daggerfall, such as greatly improved graphics, many screen resolutions, easier modding, terrain generation with far greater height variance, and fewer bugs. It also boasts a far greater view distance even without applying mods, equating very roughly to 20 to 25 times that of classic Daggerfall or 15 times that of Daggerfall with the Eye Of Argonia patch. Twenty all-new quests are also now available, which will be spread among a variety of guilds as guild implementation increases.


As of August 2019, Daggerfall Unity's latest stable build is version 0.10.4.

Daggerfall Unity vs Daggerfall Tools For Unity[edit]

Though Daggerfall Tools For Unity and Daggerfall Unity are often confused or lumped together, they are not the same thing. Daggerfall Tools For Unity are a set of tools to extract and implement various Daggerfall files in the Unity engine, while Daggerfall Unity is a recreation of Daggerfall in Unity, derived from the tools.


Daggerfall Unity currently has a variety mods made by the community, most of which are currently graphical. As not all of Daggerfall Unity's gameplay system are implemented, mods in relation to gameplay are currently limited.

For the latest versions of most of these mods see here.


Name Author Forum Post Description
Real Grass & Plants Uncanny_Valley, updated by TheLacus [1] Adds billboard based grass as well as a variety of 3D plants to Daggerfall.
Birds in Daggerfall Uncanny_Valley [2] Add birds to the skies of Daggerfall.
Distant terrain Nystul [3] Adds distant terrain and increases the height variance.
Enhanced Sky Lypyl [4] Adds a much more detailed sky.
(WIP) Handpainted model replacement project AlexanderSig [5] Converts many decorative sprites into 3D models, and improves some existing 3D models.
(WIP) NPCs Flats jman0war [6] Adds much more detailed NPC sprites.
Realtime Reflections Nystul [7] Adds reflections to water and various surfaces such as floors.
Remove Spiders TheLacus [8] Change spider to look and sound like bears, stats unchanged.
(WIP) Terrain Flats jman0war [9] Adds much more detailed nature sprites.
Compass retexture quasifex [10] A variety of new skins for the in-game compass.

Forum user VMBlast is also contributing to the work of several graphical mods in a separate topic.


Name Author Forum Post Description
(WIP) Unofficial Book Patch Eksevis [11] Fixes many errors in Daggerfall's books regarding spelling, grammar, and formatting.
(WIP) No nudity patch username [12] Replaces sprites containing nudity with similar ones without it.
Non-violent corpses patch Jay_H [13] Removes blood and gore from dead enemy corpses.


Name Author Forum Post Description
Loading Screen TheLacus [14] Adds a loading screen, including gameplay tips and a variety of screenshots.

Road map[edit]

Below is a high-level summary of work in Daggerfall Unity. The goal is to give newcomers and testers an idea of what has been completed and what still lies in the future. Any features not mentioned have not been implemented and may not be scheduled for some time.

This list is subject to change at any time. Upcoming features may be rescheduled or moved to a later version depending on available time and difficulty. Items are color-coded to the following legend:

  • Feature Complete (all done but subject to bug fixes and future refinements)
  • Mostly Complete (almost there, could be waiting on another system)
  • In Progress (work started but still has some way to go)
  • Not Started (work is yet to begin on this feature)

Please note this has been updated on the 12th of August, 2019 and might currently be outdated. The most recent version of the overall roadmap is here.

0.1 (Baseline)[edit]

August 2014 – November 2015

  • Back-end tools and API for reading Daggerfall's binary files and importing into Unity
  • Support for key binary assets (images, models, blocks, maps, audio, videos, etc.)
  • Image processing
  • Sprite atlas generation
  • Billboard support
  • Import of textures
  • Import of individual models
  • Import of blocks
  • Import of exterior maps
  • Import of interior maps
  • Import of dungeon maps
  • Full streaming world, procedural terrain & locations
  • Tile map and billboard shaders
  • Object activation
  • Transitions between interior/exterior
  • Action objects (lifts, levers, etc.)
  • Basic enemies (follow, attack, death, etc.)
  • Animated weapons
  • Material re-coloring support (iron, ebony, etc.)
  • Simple combat
  • Core game framework
  • INI support
  • User interface system (custom UI needed)
  • JSON Formatter support
  • Serialization of game state for save/load
  • Entity system
  • Text.RSC support
  • Class support
  • Character creation
  • Classic save import
  • Quick save/load
  • Initial release with basic exploration and combat
0.2 (Items)[edit]

November 2015 – April 2016

  • Enhanced action object support (implemented by Lypyl)
  • Setup helper
  • Travel map interface (implemented by Lypyl)
  • Dungeon and interior automap interface (implemented by Nystul)
  • Assorted mods integrated
  • Integrate horizontal floating origin
  • Item support
  • Inventory interface
0.3 (Loot)[edit]

April 2016 – September 2016

  • Initial mod framework (implemented by Lypyl)
  • Serializable automap (implemented by Nystul)
  • Serializable loot containers
  • Initial loot
  • Random treasure
  • Drop items to ground
  • Drop gold to ground
  • Monster loot
  • Enhanced save/load interface
  • Rest interface
0.4 (Quests)[edit]

September 2016 – February 2018

  • Quest file support
  • Initial quest virtual machine
  • Addition of world metadata to support questing
  • Initial faction support
  • NPC names, building names
  • Initial Info mode
  • Location exterior automap (implemented by Nystul)
  • Initial progression – increase skills, level up (implemented by Allofich)
  • Reputation gain/loss (simple)
  • First pass at non-mage playthrough of main quest
  • Serialization of quest state
  • Location and building discovery
  • Keybind interface (implemented by JustinS)
  • Book reader and books in random loot (implemented by InconsolableCellist)
  • Lockpick (implemented by Allofich)
  • Pickpocket (implemented by Allofich)
0.5 (Spells)[edit]

February 2018 – October 2018

  • Magic system
  • Initial spells & effects support
  • Potion support
  • Enhanced effect-entity relationship
  • Spellbook interface
  • Refine town NPCs (behaviours, can kill, talk)
  • Initial "Talk" interface
  • Odd jobs (talk: tell me about work)
  • Random encounters on rest
  • Progress quest support
  • Updated character motor
  • Initial dungeon water
  • New motor states: swim, levitate, crush
  • Magic item support
  • Artifact support
  • Weapon material vs enemy handling
  • %var support in character sheet
0.6 (Shops & Banking)[edit]

October 2018 – December 2018

  • All basic shop features (no item decay/repair yet)
  • Bank UI with ability to purchase ship/house
  • Transport UI (foot/horse/cart/ship)
  • Player housing (including ship)
  • Letters of credit
  • Gold to have weight
  • Enforce encumbrance and wagon limits
  • Progress related spell and quest support
0.7 (Guilds & Services)[edit]

December 2018 – May 2019

  • Reputation gain/loss (full)
  • Join and progress in all guilds
  • Spell maker
  • Item maker
  • Potion maker
  • Item decay/repair
  • Basic guild services (no summoning)
  • Tavern services
  • Building schedules (e.g. door locked at night)
  • Building NPC schedules (e.g. shopkeep gone at night)
  • Progress related spell and quest support
0.8 (Crime & Punishment)[edit]

June 2019 – June 2019

  • Working guards in towns (Allofich)
  • Pickpocketing (Allofich)
  • Steal button in shop trade window
  • Lockpick strength for town buildings
  • Guard response to detected breaking & entering
  • Skill check and guard response to detected theft of private property (Numidium)
  • Bash exterior doors to enter building (Numidium)
  • Court UI (Allofich)
  • Prison UI (Allofich)
  • cast aSpell spell on aFoe quest action
  • add foe aFoe face / drop foe aFoe face quest actions
  • Allocate time for refinement of magic and quest systems
0.9 (Character & World)[edit]

July 2019 - July 2019

  • Vampirism
  • Lycanthropy
  • Custom class creator (Numidium)
  • Advantage/Disadvantage specific effects
  • Complete Magic items powers and side effects (26 of 26 completed)
  • Complete artifact specific effects (23 of 23 completed)
  • Complete levelling and character loop
  • Summoning services
  • Updated character motor
  • New motor states: swim, levitate, climb, crush (Allofich/MeteoricDragon)
  • Close city gates at 18:00 and open at 06:00
  • Implement pause menu detail slider to set quality level without restarting game
  • Allocate time for refinement of magic and quest systems

Daggerfall Unity ended pre-alpha in July 2019. Focus now shifts from core feature development into bug fixes and overall polishing. Some features unique to Daggerfall Unity, such as future mod and translation support, will continue development through to 1.0.

Once out of pre-alpha, I will start dividing my time between the final stages of Daggerfall Unity and early pre-production stages of my next game. I will continue to be an active part of the Daggerfall Unity project through to 1.0 and beyond, but my involvement will be required less and less over time as our wider community drives the project forward.


0.10 (Alpha)[edit]

We are here now. August 2019 –

  • All core gameplay features now implemented
  • Decouple all game text from executable
  • Enhancements to translation mod support
  • Select class with questions (Numidium)
  • Large classic HUD with icons and mouse cursor toggle
  • Secondary keybind interface for keybinds not present in classic
  • Autowalk/autorun toggle, sneak toggle, walk/run toggle keybinds
  • Implement Jump skill formula, refine movement speed, and tune gravity to better match classic
  • Large number of classic quest fixes (Jay_H)
  • Continue fixing bugs and refining systems
  • All game features now supported
  • Continue fixing bugs and refining systems
  • Final stages of development
1.0 (Release)[edit]
  • Final milestones
  • Enter post-release support stage

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