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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Kinghouse Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Balonivah Rectory Desecrated Temple 10
The Grotto of Baaloth Natural Cave 12
The House of Stadimar Vampire Haunt 12
The Kinghart Burial Ground Cemetery 5
Castle Kingfield Vampire Haunt 13
The Copperford Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Wickford Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Mines of Trististair Mine 10
Gromgon Giant Stronghold 8
The Mastering Graveyard Cemetery 5
Ruins of Ashhouse Court Crypt 10
The Agrynak Reformatory Prison 8
The Vault of Necromaneon Crypt 13
Ruins of Kingsmith Court Prison 10
The Moorston Vaults Cemetery 5
The Tower of Hearthston Ruined Castle 13
Castle Andistyr Human Stronghold 8
The Wickfield Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Inveromius Vampire Haunt 13
The Lysyrrya Council Barbarian Stronghold 8
Moorhart's Guard Ruined Castle 10
The Andistyr Mines Mine 8
The Barbara Council Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Cavern of Baalodeusullah Natural Cave 13
The Assembly of Gwynyvyra Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Woodsley Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Old Kingwing Hovel Barbarian Stronghold 13
The Gaerston Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Castle of Yeomham Ruined Castle 10
Moorhart Tower Crypt 8
Ashham's Guard Natural Cave 13
The Cairn of Lithaneon Crypt 14
The Vannausa Assembly Barbarian Stronghold 12
The Tower of Yeomhouse Laboratory 14
Ruins of Tower Coppersmith Natural Cave 10
The Friary of Morkexa Desecrated Temple 10
The Copperfield Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Nebuchovor Vampire Haunt 13
The Greenfield Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Jubula Manse Desecrated Temple 12
The Bedyn Excavation Mine 8
The Rodyctor Mines Mine 13
THe Crypts of Mastersley Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ashton's Hold Coven 11
Castle Ashhart Orc Stronghold 14
The Gaol of Agristair Prison 8
The Tombs of Greenford Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Woodsly Desecrated Temple 10
The Azriten Nest Spider Nest 13
Castle Buckingsmith Vampire Haunt 12
The Citadel of Hearthford Laboratory 8
The Gaerhart Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Kington Ruined Castle 13
The Prison of Mordyval Prison 10
The Convocation of Lysorya Barbarian Stronghold 12
The Tower of Andoryan Human Stronghold 13
Morloloth Orc Stronghold 12
Castle Edwistair Human Stronghold 13
Ruins of The Hearthton Cabin Ruined Castle 13
The Haunt of Veromus Vampire Haunt 12
Ruins of Moorston Manor Orc Stronghold 13