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Every once in a while, all of us get the urge to pump up our character's stats, get a little extra gold, or get that 'awesome' weapon, whether to kill that pesky ancient lich who's been bothering you or just to see how powerful a character can be. This page contains info on how to obtain such things through various methods, including cheat codes and game exploits. Please feel free to add any suggestions, cheats not included here, or links to sites containing cheat info.

Patch v1.07.212 or later Cheat Codes[edit]

In the patches 212 and 213, you can activate some of the development cheat keys in the game. Here's how:

  1. With a text editor (like DOS Edit or Windows Notepad) open the file Z.CFG in the main DAGGER directory. Add a line CHEATMODE 1 to activate the cheat codes.
  2. While in the game, the cheat keys are...
    1. 1: Sets your MaxSpeed to 1200 (6x the normal value).
    2. CTRL-F1: Activate all maps on the fast travel map. (will not work in DOSBox, goes to DOSBOX keybinding mode instead)
    3. CTRL-F4: Invulnerable mode. (will not work in DOSBox, Updates cached information about mounted drives instead)
    4. CTRL-F9: Give you 5000 gold. (will not work in DOSBox, force quits DOSBOX instead)

If you find the codes don't seem to work, try pressing the 'f' key before the 'ctrl' key. A message along the lines of 'CHEAT CODE ENTERED' should appear at the top of the screen.

  1. ALT-F11: If you fall into the void, pressing this will take you back to the previous object you were standing on. This can help you get out of the void when you fall into it. NOTE: You do not need cheat mode activated to use this command. It is always available.
  2. [ and ]: If you're in a dungeon, these keys will cycle you through the various quest locations. Be careful, though, that you don't beam into a location that is occupied by a monster; if you do, you will be trapped inside the monster. Also, some locations are high enough to pop you into the void when you beam to them. This can be useful if you fall into the void or can't find the quest item you're looking for.
  3. - and =: These keys raise your reputation (by 5, for all factions) and your skills, respectively.

There are several additional codes that weren't released by Bethesda

  1. f9: Toggle the quest display information.
  2. ': Cycles through the active quests.

In this mode, for the quests with debug information the coordinates of all quest objects, the timers, and the quest flags are shown. For stripped quests, only the flags are shown, identified by their global id or name hash.

Addendum: How to make the CTR+F keys work in Daggerfall dosbox:

  1. Start dosbox in the Daggerfall directory and hit ctr+f1 at command prompt (start the dosbox.exe not the shortcut to Daggerfall). Alternatively start it in the game, it works there too.
  2. Change the CTRL mod key to ALT(suggestion) for the dosbox commands interfering with in game cheat keys.
  3. More information here: http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/KeyMapper
  4. "swap image" use ctrl f4, change from mod1 to mod2(at bottom left). Same with "shutdown" (ctrl f9, set to mod2), "mapper" use ctrl F1, set to mod2
  5. The dosbox.conf file need to have the line mapperfile=mapper.txt after your modding in the [sdl] heading.
  6. You are now able to use the cheat keys.

Running Across Water[edit]

If there is a body of water in your way and you feel the need to keep dry just hold the run (P) and jump (J) buttons down and you will simply bounce across the surface of the water at a running speed. Much faster than swimming. (Verified in v1.07.213)

Teleporting to Dungeon Exits[edit]

When you want to get out of a dungeon fast and don't have the teleport spell, save your game. Then, reload your game, do not move, and afterwards use the alt-F11 half-cheat. The computer will not have the data left from where you were standing before you saved and when you reach that point, you'll get teleported to the exit.

Flying Through the Void -noclip[edit]

You need levitate to use efficiently, but non levitating characters can have limited use.

There are a few areas you can use for this:

  1. The best area is a low wall with a propped up casket. Run up the casket and get stuck. Climb up, and cast levitate.
  2. Door frames also work, but you have to be fast.
  3. Tall stairs like those in Scourg Barrow also work.
  4. There is also a niche you may occasionally enter the void in: when you jump into water while jumping toward a wall.

For door frames (you might have to crouch): climb until the roof won't let you climb further, then let go of the climb buttons and you will be able to *see* the void. Access your spell book at that moment, cast levitate, and float up. You should be now be able to float on the outside of the dungeon. In most cases, without the normal walls, obstacles, and puzzles, you can find your objective much more easily. You also won't have to wade through hordes of enemies. Kill the monster quests can be completed with arrows, area of effect spells, or getting really close to the wall with a touch spell. Find the treasure quests can be done by levitating under the floor with the treasure and grabbing it. You will also want to exit the dungeon this way.

If you fall in the void, cast Slowfall, then Levitate, or else you will die.

You shouldn't use this bug in quests like Finding Lysandus or the Totem quest, where the goal is in the middle of a big room, as you will have no way to get back in and complete the quest.

Joining more than one Knight/Temple Guild[edit]

In patch versions v1.04.191 and later you can no longer join multiple knightly orders or temples. For those with the current patch version who wish to join more than one, here's how to do so.

  1. Install another Daggerfall game into another drive/directory. Use the minimum install unless you've got plenty of hard drive space.
  2. Upgrade this new installation to patch version 1.0.179 (version 1.0.179 may work, but this hasn't been tested).
  3. Load up your game in your usual Daggerfall game with the later patch. Find a guild which you wish to join and enter the building. Save the game and exit.
  4. Copy the save game into the Daggerfall v1.0.179 directory which you've recently made.
Example:   cd \dagger\save4
           copy *.* d:\dag01\save4
  1. You may need to run an old version of FIXSAVE to get the game running now. Some users transfer games from v1.07.213 to v1.0.179 running v1.1 of FIXSAVE and it works fine, but it may not work in every game.
  2. Start up the v1.0.179 of DF and load this game.
  3. Join the guild and save the game and exit.
  4. Again, transfer this newly saved game into your usual DF directory.
  5. Start up your usual DF, load the new game and presto, you're joined to several temple/knightly guilds.

Treasure & Loot[edit]

How to Get 2 Million+ Gold in One Night[edit]

Taking advantage of the ship is an easy way to make money. If you buy a ship, an interesting phenomenon can be observed and exploited. If you go to your ship, then return to town, it may reset store inventories.

Somehow, in the short time between your going to the docks to check on your boat and wandering back to town, each and every one of the stores in the town has been restocked; this means that a little light-fingered mischief can net you at least 2.3 million in one Daggerfall night.

How to Get Daedric Weapons and Enough Money to Purchase a House in One Night[edit]

This will work right after Privateer's Hold. Getting a wagon, so you can hold more stuff and sell it later, is highly recommended. The Daggerfall Embassy website is responsible for part of this cheat, but the rest was discovered by a UESP user.

This seems to work best with any town in any province where there is only one tavern in the town. The tavern must be the one where there is only one room upstairs, where the beds have chests in front of them. For example, go to the town of Rusty Ogre Lodge, go to The White Goblin and upstairs, loot each chest. If you don't see anything the first time around, save and load the game. Loot again. Repeat as needed or until you get what you want. Don't worry about the guards - they can't climb the stairs. You can either kill the guards high enough on the stairs where they can't reach you and ask you to surrender, bolt by them, or use a recall spell to escape.

A list of locations where these Daedric Weapons can be found here.

How to get weightless items[edit]

First, put the items you wish to equip into your wagon. Secondly, go to a shop. Next, click on one of the store shelves to enter the purchasing menu.

From here, you can "Select" the items from your wagon and they will immediately be equipped. Upon being equipped, they will weigh nothing.

There are a few things that should be noted:

  1. This only works for items that can be equipped, such as clothes or swords. Items which sit in your inventory, such as Potions and Arrows, will not work with this glitch.
  2. Your equipped items that weigh nothing can disappear if handled improperly. In order to ensure they do not disappear, you must always manually "Remove" them whenever you wish to unequip them. If you simply equip another item over them, even by accident, the glitched item will be lost forever.
  3. When you unequip the glitched item, it will regain its full weight.

Getting Better Treasure[edit]

When you find a pile of treasure (random treasure), save your game. Make sure you are staring at the treasure when saving. Then pick up the treasure. If it is not something that you want to keep, reload your game and pick up the treasure again. If it is not what you want, reload again. You can do this until you get something good, or just get tired of it. Some things to look for: Holy Daggers and Holy Tomes (both items' base values are 2500, but the dagger is lighter); any magic item is a good find; any item of superior material (at low levels, elven/dwarven or better, at higher levels, mithril or better). When you find something you want to keep, save, and continue. This can be time consuming when your computer is being stingy/greedy, but when you pawn your items (fortify your personality with a spell before you sell), it becomes worth it to come out with almost enough money to buy your own ship.

Guard Duty in the Mages Guild[edit]

A similar trick that can be used to get some nice equipment goes like this: Join the Mages Guild and face the quest giver. Save the game and then keep asking for quests until he offers you either the "guard the <magic item> tonight" quest or the 'guard duty' quest to protect the meditating mage. The 'guard magic item' quest will have you stand guard from midnight to 3AM and you will face 3 thieves. The 'meditating mage' quest starts immediately and you will face 3 or more assassins. After starting your duty shift, immediately save in another slot and Loiter for 1 hour so your opponents show up. Finish them and look at their stuff. If you don't find Ebony or better material, reload and repeat. If you do, then save, loiter for 2 more hours, save and go ask for the same quests again. It's entirely possible to achieve the rank of Archmage mostly by repeating these two quests, and you can gain some nifty equipment to boot. You don't even need to leave town to complete the quest.

Quick Dungeon Looting to Cart[edit]

If you go to a store and sell something (or start to) and then leave your default inventory list set to your cart, you can go to a dungeon and grab anything at all and it goes straight to your cart. If you hit any of the inventory tabs, however, it resets back to normal. Also, if you have to reload a game it will reset you to a normal inventory list.

There is another way to do this. Simply cast "Identify" and then switch the left inventory panel to your wagon by looking at the contents in your cart. It's not even necessary to actually identify anything, because cancelling the spell will still work - saving precious SP. This is even better because a player can load up a save from inside the dungeon and use "Identify" to switch to your wagon again. It saves the need to visit the dungeon exit or return to the nearest town. Besides making it easy to loot, it also helps if you happen to run out of potions or need some other weapon or item left on your wagon. (verified in v1.07.213)

Stealing Your Fortune[edit]

This is a way to get as much money as time (and patience) allows. To do this, your patch must allow you to sell horses and carts. This is how you do it. First go to a General Store, it makes no difference where, and loiter till it closes. When it does you can take stuff off the shelves just like it was treasure. Pick a shelf that contains a horse and carriage and remove everything. Keep what you want and sell what you don't. Now, every time you take the horse and cart and look back at the shelf the horse and cart will be back. Because they weigh absolutely nothing you can keep taking them till the store reopens or you get bored. Then sell them to the storekeeper who is still in the shop. If you load the save game again the storekeeper will disappear, but it's no big deal. Also if you get so much money that you wouldn't be able to carry it all the store keeper will automatically give it to you in letters of credit. This works everywhere.

You don't even need to use the horse-and-cart trick, as the store will restock as normal. In fact, it's entirely possible to continue doing this for consecutive days, robbing the shopkeep blind and selling his own wares back to him until you have more gold than you know what to do with.

Stealing from General Stores[edit]

Here's an interesting cheat about stealing without worrying about getting hit from the guards.

  1. Go to a general store.
  2. Stand next to the door that leads into the private area, looking at the shelves.
  3. Click on the rightmost shelf (against the wall) and steal something from it.
  4. Wait about 2 seconds, then go straight ahead so you're right up against the shelf that is facing the doorway out.
  5. When guards come to arrest you, just hit them through the shelf, and they can't hit you. when they are dead, go around the shelf and get their stuff.

Note: Killing guards through the shelves works in every store with shelves in the middle (one of the favorite is alchemist shop with very narrow space between shelves; if you squeeze between shelves and steal/sleep facing to the door, guards will appear near the door but won't reach you under any circumstances), it also works through the walls in every building in the city, you just have to find the right place to stay and the right side to face so that they won't appear behind you. Shelves are better because you can see them and you can practice magic on them. But this is a dirty trick and it can ruin the game balance, making leveling too easy.

Unlimited Treasure[edit]

Find a stash of treasure in the attic of a tavern, such as the King's Goat in Chesterwark. Walk right up to the treasure and look down at it. Take all the treasure and then save your game. Restore the game you just saved and the treasure will be back again as if you never took it. The game still randomly generates the treasure, but the quantity you can generate using this exploit is so vast, it almost doesn't matter.

Do this until you're almost fully loaded. Then spin around 180 degrees and remove the treasure to your wagon. Then spin around 180 degrees so you're facing the spot where the treasure was and save your game. When you restore the game, the treasure will be back again.

Additional Treasure Tips[edit]

See the Get Ebony, Orcish, & Daedric items tip on the Daggerfall Hints page for more suggestions. For example, boosting your Luck attribute and gaining more levels will make these tricks easier, though some find that casting Fortify Luck as a spell is not worth it for mere treasure piles. Humanoid enemies, in general, tend to drop better gear like Ebony or Daedric equipment, meaning that these often drop much better stuff (at higher levels) than most treasure piles. Generally, it's best to rely on the Getting Better Treasure trick at the beginning of a new game, later on, some find that they can make money a LOT faster by using The Loaded Tavern tip, since it's more time-efficient for late-game characters.


Creating Cheap Spells[edit]

There is an internal cheat in Daggerfall which allows one to create very cheap spells. Naming a spell with $ as the first character, e.g.

$Dave's Fireball

will result in the spell costing 1/4 of the normal cost in spell points. Naming a spell with an ! as the first character, e.g.


will result in the spell costing no spell points, although it can be cast only once a day (every 24 hours). This cheat feature is not available in version 1.07.213 and possibly earlier.

Extremely Low Spell Cost[edit]

Create enough magical items so that you have over 100% in a particular School of Magic. Now you can cast any spell, no matter how powerful, from this school at a 5 spell-point cost! The patch versions this cheat works in aren't certain, though it is believed to still work as of 1.07.213.

Free Magicka[edit]

Here's another magic cheat: Cast the most powerful spell you can afford, then try to use a magic item requiring a target. Instead of targeting something, use Q to recall the spell. You'll get the cost of the spell back, and you can use the magic Item/recall any number of times without actually recasting the spell... Hence if you heal yourself or use stamina, then use some magic bracers or something and cancel the spell a few times you'll have full Magicka again in a few seconds.

Almost Inexhaustible Supply of Magic[edit]

Using this trick, it's possible to get an inexhaustible supply of magic without sleeping. You don't even have to pause, just keep on casting spells.

Use spell absorption, and when you want to heal up or become invisible or whatever, make the spell use an area of affect instead of self as the target. When using the new spell, cast it at your feet, a wall, or monster. This is cool because most spells are additive and by casting them this way even weak spells can have a duration of rounds/days/weeks. It isn't necessary to make all spells area of effect to take advantage of spell absorption in this manner; a few spells that are built this way are enough to recharge magicka for the spells that are not. This method is much faster than using magic items which restore spell points, and magic items are often better for other uses than recharging spell points anyway. This is also a great way to practice spells without ever running out of spell points.

Similar Exploit of Spell Absorption[edit]

Similar to above, this requires a character with spell absorption and access to a spellmaker. Make an area effect damage spell that uses nearly all your magic. Dungeon crawling is now a very simple task. Simply walk through dungeons while blasting this spell at your feet (think Q, space bar, Q, space bar). Not only will it do ridiculous damage to everything around you, but it will knock back creatures that manage to survive it at a rate that they can never touch you. And every time you cast it, you will get your full mana cost back. This tends to level your destruction skill quickly, and you'll probably want to redo the spell every once in a while at the spellmaker to make it more powerful so it uses nearly all your magic. However, there are dangers to using this technique. First, it is possible to cast the area effect spell too far away, leaving you with very little magicka left to cast remaining spells. The second danger only comes into play when facing an enemy magic-user; if, between the time you cast the spell at your feet and the time the spell goes off (a very brief window), a monster casts a spell at you, your spell absorption may kick in early, and partially fill your magicka. Afterwards, when the area of effect spell does go off, you don't have the empty capacity to absorb the damage, leaving you to die to your own spell.

  • One side effect of this method can be mitigated by also having Immunity to Magic, so if you create a character with both Spell Absorption and Magic Immunity, you'll be immune to your own spells. Thus as long as you always remember to aim the spell at the ground in front of you, you'll never run out of magicka and you'll be able to kill almost anything. Furthermore, you can take advantage of this to train schools in addition to Destruction. Either use an offensive type effect from other magic schools (i.e., Silence for Mysticism, or Paralyze for Alteration) or throw in low cost harmless effects from other schools after you've already set the first effect to area effect damage (i.e., Light for Illusion). Now you don't have to stay at home casting spells at the wall all day; you can go out and use these spells in the field and raise your skills fairly quickly.

Another Good Supply of Magic[edit]

This cheat is using magical items to provide an nearly endless spell point supply (sell it when it goes "Worn") (useful in dungeons). It works with any spell that requires you to fire it, which gives you a chance to abort it(which is what you do). It will replenish the number of spell points you used for your last spell. If it was Buoyancy, it's 5 points; Fireball that's 80 points. It's a use for useless items such as "Bracers of Paralysis" or "Wrap of Far Silence". In addition if you use a Worn Magic Item for too long it makes your system crash, so sell it. This cheat is only confirmed to work on Cyrix machines, though it may work on other systems.

Yet Another Practically Infinite Supply of Magic[edit]

When you abort the an enchanted item's spell (with 'E'), it will return ALL of the spell points utilized on the last spell that you cast. If you have used a spell that drained all of your magicka, all of it will then be returned to you, regardless of the power of the spell of the enchanted item. Also, the item does not have to be one that works at range; it may also be a caster only item or one that requires touch.

Enchanting & Magic Items[edit]

Free Magic Items[edit]

To get any item from the Magic Item seller in the Mages Guild (and maybe elsewhere), Examine the wares, exit the conversation. Look in your inventory switch the left column to your wagon. Change the right-side inventory over to your Magic Items. Select the "Use" button/option between the inventory columns. Click on your spellbook (it will open to allow you to cast spells). Hit the exit button to abort instead of casting anything. As you abort, the Wagon's inventory will be replaced by the store's inventory that you had viewed just before hitting the inventory button/hot key. And you can't get caught or lose reputation. (doesn't work in v1.07.213, although something weird does happen)

Cheap Enchanting[edit]

This is ridiculous. Sweet, but ridiculous. I'm enchanting stuff with 9 advantages at a cost of only 100 EP.

Get an Iron Atronach soul. Bound it to item, then add a bunch of advantages. Then remove all the advantages and exit the item maker. Re-enter Item-maker. Now I can bind that same atronach four times (it just keeps reappearing in the list!). Remove all atronach bindings - notice that removing just ONE removes all the green items, too. Add featherweight and get two freebies. Remove featherweight, leaving two freebies. Do the atronach binding again, remove them again. Now add featherweight and get EIGHT freebies (could have nine, but the last one goes off the end of the scroll). Never have to use the atronach soul.

NOTE: Using this cheat (multiple bindings) does seem to cause a number of errors. I've encountered #2 (can't enter ship), #117 (occurs seemingly at random), and an unknown one that dumps me back into Windows.

Note: Doesn't work in v1.07.213 (and maybe in some earlier patches).

Another Soul-Bind Cheat[edit]

Now, this is a really dirty and underhanded trick for Daggerfall, so people who intend on playing fairly, don't use it. The best way to make powerful items, is of course, to soul bind a powerful creature into it, right? That's all fine and good, but the side effects can be a real drag. To soul bind a creature with no side effects, select all your item's properties first, before adding and disadvantages. Then, add some other excess powers, just to take up space, until the game says that the item can't have any more powers (I believe this is after you put about 10 or so in an item). Then, remove the last power. Now put the soul bound critter in the item. The game will display the message "no more room in item." No room for the disadvantage side effects that is. You will have an item with a soul bound creature, with all the bonus points, but none of the side effects. Great, eh? This works in all versions of Daggerfall

Getting Free Enchantment Points in the Item Maker[edit]

This is a repost of an old messie. It regards enchanting items that are soulbound without the side effects. As such it is definite spoiler material. If you don't want to be spoiled, please stop reading now.

For the following exercise you need the following:

  1. Access to Item maker in the Mages Guild
  2. Soul trap with Daedra Lord
  3. Suitable item to enchant (preferably armor or weaponry, clothing or items such as armbands can be unstable)
  4. Between 30,000 and 100,000 gold (recommend min 100,000 gold)

Instructions: In the Item maker select the item you want to enchant. Rename it if desired. Before you do anything else, however, add at least seven desired effects to the item *before* you add the soulbound disadvantage. Add up to nine (but not more) if desired. Attempt to add some of the more exotic effects that require more enchantment points in order to use your 8000+ points to advantage...practice will reveal the more potent ones ('Regeneration all the time' is good example). Now add soulbound and select Daedra Soul. You will receive a message similar to the following:

"No room for item in list..."

Click on message. Note lack of Daedra Lord disadvantages. Enchant item. Congratulations, you now have an enchanted item of 8000+ enchantment points with no disadvantages.

[WARNING: Before committing this cheat, please see the Several Bugs to Avoid tip in the Daggerfall:Hints section and read part 1. Perhaps this bug only creeps up in certain versions? Personally, I'm rather hesitant to use the Soul Gem cheat and I would certainly make a backup copy of my save before trying!]

Another alternative for enchantment points is to give an item 4-5 multiple disadvantage enchantments. You can use the same negative enchantments like bad reputation to the underworld many times. Giving the item thousands of points without needing to use soul trap.

Multiple Low Damage Vs. Side Effects Trick[edit]

Here's another method of gaining some extra enchantment points for creating powerful magical items - without using any soul gems or other nasty side effects you might regret later. However, this trick only works on enchanting weapons. Also, it's still limited to the maximum total of 10 powers and side effects. First, you must decide which of the following two are worth taking: Low Damage versus Animals OR Low Damage versus Undead. The procedure is a bit different depending:

*** Low Damage versus Animals *** Either select your item powers or side effects first. It does not matter. However, the FIRST side effect chosen must be Low Damage versus Animals. Then click [Side Effects] again, select [Low Damage vs] and [Animals] will still be an available choice! I've had weapons with Low Damage versus Animals times FOUR. And at 1200 EP each time, these multiples can add up quickly. Nice! This can be added without worry if you've gained at least a few levels and the material is Dwarven or better. As far as I can tell, the effects do not appear to be cumulative. The weapon will STILL strike down the common critters with ease!

*** Low Damage versus Undead *** Similar to above. But after selecting Low Damage versus Undead as the first side effect, go back to the [Side Effects] and then the [Low Damage vs] menu. Versus [Undead] will no longer be shown as an option. HOWEVER, simply press the [ESC] key or otherwise cancel out of the menu and an additional Low Damage versus Undead will be added. Repeat as desired. However, since undead are commonplace (some being quite dangerous) and this side effect only nets 800 EP each time, it's probably not worth it.

Changing Weapons Quickly[edit]

If you desperately need to swap weapons in the middle of a battle without getting massacred while equipping them, try this: instead of going to the inventory, go to the character sheet and then the inventory. When you quit the inventory sheet, you get back to the character sheet, and can watch the equipping messages roll by. When all is ready, exit that and swing away... instant equipping!! (Essential when your main enchanted weapon breaks!!!)

Changing Weapons Update[edit]

While the character sheet exploit still works in v1.07.213, there is another method. When your weapon breaks suddenly or you otherwise need to swap weapons in battle, immediately save the game and press [F6]. In the inventory screen swap weapons as normal. Exit the screen and immediately save again. Then reload the save and start swinging (melee weapons) or clicking (bows) your mouse as if it was equipped. The weapon will appear instantly and work as normal. Apparently, saving after changing weapons and then reloading will automatically equip the weapon instantly.


Increasing Jumping Skill[edit]

Make sure you are in a building with a low ceiling, then cast levitate [or use a magic item with levitate], then hold down the run key and the jump key. Your character will start rising slowly in the air, and you will notice that their energy bar starts decreasing rapidly. This is because the game is checking your jump skill every time the jump key repeats (very quickly). This is guaranteed to increase your jump skill a point in the morning! (verified in v1.07.213)

NOTE: Sometimes this training technique does not work like normal. That is, sometimes after levitating pressing or holding the jump key down will do nothing. Sometimes this is just because your character's feet are not touching the ground. If so, press [PgDn] or the Float Down key. But sometimes even that won't work. For some reason, on rare occasions while levitating both the Float Up and Float Down keys seem disabled (as well as Jump). To get around this limitation, simply hold either the left or right cursor key down (to rotate left or right) while pressing the jump key. By doing so this Jump training should work as before and your stamina bar will drop rapidly to prove it.

Practice Mercantile[edit]

In version 1.0.177 and higher, one can go travel to any Mages Guild guildhall and speak with an Odylic Mage to identify an item. Ask them to identify and have nothing selected. A message should come up asking if you want to identify for 0 gold. Answers yes. And repeat, Each time counts as buying or selling something allowing you to increase your mercantile skill for nothing. Note: This not only pertains to the Mages Guild item identifier as it would also work with anyone who can repair items (e.g., Smiths, General Store merchants, etc).

Vampirism and Skills Over 100%[edit]

This isn't so useful as it takes a lot of preparation or cheating with something else. You can achieve over 100% in a skill by training it up really high and then becoming a vampire. The vampire skill bonuses will still be added like normal. Found this bug out by accident when I had 100% running skill and ended up with 120% or so. It could be intended but it seems odd to have something over 100% in this context. Untested if it works with stats as well.

Note: This is NOT a bug. It works just as intended. Player stats cannot be above 100 but skill can. When you're a vampire you can rise train appropriate skills up to 120 and when you're a lycanthrope you can train appropriate skills up to 130. Even if when you turn vampire/lycanthrope those bonus skills were less than 100, you can train them to 120 or 130 respectively. Also, increasing skill magically by equipping an item with "Enhances skill" effect, also increases maximum available value of the skill. Thats's because of MAGIC! Lycanthropy and Vampirism are magic diseases and all effect from them are magic effects. So, that's normal, that a were-creature or a vampire can fight or run or jump better, than any normal human creature can ever do. The same with magic items. That's obvious that world best runner with magic boots of running will run FASTER than the same runner without them. 100% skill is the best value any normal humanoid can achieve by training. So, maximum value for Running, for example, may be 520%! 100+30(from lycanthropy)+15*26(if you have maximum items equipped and all of them have "Enhances skill Running" effect).


Resetting Attribute Totals During Character Creation[edit]

When you are customizing a character you have to make your basic attributes have a total of 0 at the end. I have found a secret, that if you make your attributes to wherever you want them. You can press "U" to reset the +/- total to zero. This also works when distributing the few randomly determined attribute points on the next screen (both verified in v1.07.213). If "U" doesn't work for you, try the "F" key.

Increasing Character's Stats[edit]

There is a glitch in the game that will allow you to increase your stats (str, dex ...) to the max. of 100.

  1. Load up a saved game or start a new one
  2. Go to the screen where it shows you your stats, levels, affiliations...etc
  3. Now click on any of the stats that you want to increase, it will show you a message saying how well your score is.
  4. Now click to the side of that stat to increase or decrease it. It's like the counter button you get when you raise a level, only it's invisible.

Note: it only gives you 3-6 points to play with each time, so when you can't increase anymore just click on the inventory button then go back to the screen and repeat the process.

NOTE: This has only been tested with the retail version, not the demo(s). I couldn't get this to work under patch 179. (Will not work in v1.07.213 either.)

Make High Level FAST![edit]

Want to make level 30 in about 30 min? I found this out after my long sword skill got to 100 and I was level 15. It said I was a master and could no longer advance. Why bother playing if you can't go up in level or hit points. So with any skill editor you open up the skills and add 15 points to one primary skill, save and exit. Load the game in Daggerfall and rest for 7 hours...and poof...next level. Save the game, edit the file again and add 15 more points. This also works on the 2 highest minor skills and the highest secondary skills. I tried it with a save game and went from level 15 to 29 in about half an hour. If you restart the game and give yourself very low starting skills you could go even further. My guess is that there is a math limit of about level 35 or so but not sure yet...anyone????

I saw the guy's suggestion here, and I did it a lot easier in about 10 minutes. Here's how:

First, find a good spot to sleep, you'll need it for a few days. Save your game there and use an editor to change that saved game so that all of your skills are set to 100 and all of your stats set to about 80. Then load the saved game and sleep for 6 hours at a time. For every 6 hours you sleep (I also rested until all my health points were gained in between sleeping periods), you'll gain a level. You'll be 30th level in no time, but that's the highest level in the game, so don't keep trying. Then use whatever stat editor you used before and set your stats at what you think they should be or what you want them to be. You won't be gaining any more levels, so don't worry about changing all your stats to 100, you won't have to add any more points.

Achieving Level 75+[edit]

To make this work, you must edit your biography file that you want for your character. Set at least one answer to a background question to give you -100 on every skill (at the least), and make sure that nothing will give bonuses to a skill! Create your character, and make sure you have cheat keys enabled! Note, when adding your bonus points to skills, the third major skill gets all of them, the primary scores get them divided evenly, and anything but the first minor score gets points. In the first dungeon, you can stay for a few weeks and emerge at level 73! You should be able to make it to 75 or 76 if you save after each level (see below). Press the + key once and rest for twelve hours. Repeat this. After a while, you will find that they don't give you the level! Change it to ++ instead (the point you used the first time and didn't get the level is gone for good, and that is why saving after each level helps). By the time you're finished, you should be up to at least +++ because you didn't get yet another level. This can be time consuming, but when you can make a spell that has 1 +1/level and get 76... In addition, all skills will be at 100 when you leave (unless you WANTED them lower, along with your level).

The highest level I've ever made was about 125. I used an editing until to give me level 50 (highest allowed by that until), and set my stats on things like personality to 1. Then I raised my skills in most things to 999. Note: after Level 99 Daggerfall only recognizes the first 2 digits, so Level 125 is actually interpreted as Level 12. Also, when using an editing until keep the following skills at 200 or less to avoid crashing Daggerfall: Mercantile, Streetwise, Etiquette. Advantages to this are that you face tougher creatures, and shops have more Daedric stuff to steal, uh, I mean sell.

Exact Formula for Level 255[edit]

Follow these semi-easy steps and your 1+1/lev. damage spells will incinerate the deadliest lich!

  1. Think about what class and race you want. If custom, see 2.
  2. Follow these steps in place of steps 2 and 3 if a custom class
    1. Edit the biography files and add (x/#) after each question, with x being the biography file number (0-18) and # being the question within (1-12).
    2. Start up Daggerfall and make your selections, writing down ALL information when you are done, including the skills you chose. Stats (STR, etc.) may not be necessary, but disadvantages, advantages, HP, and everything else is.
    3. Select to answer the questions yourself and take note of which are asked (by the file and question).
    4. Pick a Minor skill other than the first and put a mark by it.
  3. Load up Daggerfall with your choices.
  4. When the option to add points to your skills comes up, take note of what each skill is and the order it appears. Put a mark by a Minor skill of your choice (NOT the first one).
  5. Edit the biography file for your class, or the necessary files and questions. Make sure there are no bonuses to skills! (replace them with gold or something).
    • For the Primary skills, set it up so that the 'bonus' is -560.
    • For the Major skills, set it up so it is -550, and also set up the Minor skill you selected earlier with this reduction.
    • For the Minor skills (except the one mentioned above), give a -544 modifier.
    • For all other skills (this might not be necessary), give a -549 modifier.
  6. Load Daggerfall and answer the modified questions. If the questions for your custom class are different, take note of them and edit them too (you will need to go back). Custom class people, use the EXACT same configuration you had earlier.
  7. When told to add bonus points, add two each to each of the Primary and Major skills. Balance the Minor skills so that all are equal.
  8. Save your game.
  9. Refer to a save game modifier that can edit level (up to 255) and skills (to 100), or a file with hex editing info. (hex) Edit your level to 255, and all skills to 100.
  10. Load your game and sleep for eight hours. If you 'advance' to level 0, or drop to level 254, then you may have made a mistake somewhere. If your level dropped, rest for eight hours again. If it drops further to 253, then you were probably way off. If it stops at 254, then that should be good enough for you.
  11. (optional, and a good idea) You may want to go back and change your health/max health to a higher amount. And set your stats to 100 (both would have gone up with natural advancement). If you want to be fair on health, find out what HP/level (#1) is for your class, divide in half(#2). Add these two together and divide in half (#3). Multiply by 254 (#4) and then add your starting health (#5), and your done (Health).
(#1)/2 = (#2);  (#1) + (#2) = (#3);  (#3) x 254 = (#4);  (#4) + (#5) = Health

Level 255 Update[edit]

Item 1 
Semi-improved "Make High Level Fast" cheat: (only change is more time taken and avoiding the use of editors that will create buggy games).

Use the raise skills cheat key to set them to 100 and rest for a little over 6 hours at a time (or just 7 if game time isn't a problem, but real time is). Try not to edit your skills or stats! If you want stats at 100, get Cheat O Matic, or some other RAM searching utility and find the points that you were given to distribute (i.e. if you get 4 to start, search for 4; spend 1 and search for 3; continue until you have searched 1, then take away the points one at a time [if you haven't found the number yet]), then set them to a high-enough number or lock at about 3. This prevents most game errors that you get when editing skills/stats (I edited my stats high, but under 200, once and got a crash every time I fired an arrow or went underwater).

Item 2 
Revised Level 255
  1. If using a standard class, go to 2. If making a custom class, first you should edit the first question in all biography files to have the number of the class (00-17) in it. (EXAMPLE: What school of magic have you been studying the longest? 00). Make the class and take note of which biography file it uses. Try to remember (or write down) the configuration of this custom class.
  2. Edit the biography file used by your class so that no choice gives a bonus to skills, and so that one has all of your primary skills lowered by 560, all major skills by 550, and all minor skills by 545. You may also set other skills to be lowered by 540.
  3. Load up Daggerfall and choose the class you want (or re-create your custom class). Distribute points evenly amongst the skills, and try to keep them the same amount.
  4. Use the raise skills cheat key (just hold it down for a while) to raise all skills to 100 (editing skills sometimes causes errors). If you want your stats to 100 without messy and buggy editing, rest for 7 hours at a time (or wait for 1 minute or so game time and rest for 6) and keep raising your stats as you go along.
  5. Save your game and load it into an editor (hex or one that allows level to be set to 255) and set the level to 255. Edit health points to whatever you desire while here. Even a 4 hp/level char would have a minimum of over 500!
  6. Load the game and rest for 7 hours. If level resets to an amount WAY lower than 255, it didn't work. If it stays at 255, play on! Reload if you want your seven hours back.

NOTE!: If using the hack that allows 127 to be the maximum natural skill level, this won't work after a point (level will continually warp from 0 to 1 to 2...to 255 to 0, etc every 6/7 hours of rest).

Existing characters and level 255 
Start a new character. For sake of ease, use an existing class. Make sure the biography is edited properly. Start your game with these modifications and save it. Load game into a hex editor and take note of what the starting skills is set to. Give that to your own character. Then go through steps 4 and up. The NOTE! above still applies. You can also set starting skills to a higher number than it currently is if your level warps back to 0.
UNTESTED - 127% skill max and level 255 
Set starting skills to be lowered at 30-32 HIGHER than above (about 529, 519, 514, and 509). They should be lowered by 31 2/3, but you can work that out yourself...we hope ;)

Update For The 127 max skill Cheat[edit]

The 127 maximum natural skills hack and the level 255 cheat aren't compatible as they are. The level 255 cheat will work the same with the skill hack, except that the penalties must be changed to 533, 523, and 518 for the primary, major, and minor skills (respectively).

And another note for both level 255 cheats, some skills will need to be set even lower if a racial benefit makes it higher. Just make sure that the skills total out to be -3197 for the normal level 255 cheat, and -3035 for the 127 maxskill hack version. Those values (-3197 and -3035) may or may not work if set as initial skill value when editing a saved game.

The hex values for level 255 (to set for starting skills, that is) are 100 maxskills: 83F3FFFF and for 127 maxskills: 2FF4FFFF They should be accurate enough (the value for 127 maxskills got me to level 254...good enough for anybody!) As a side note, the level 255 values are listed as they would appear in a hexadecimal editor. You may want to remind some people that the starting skills value is 58 (hex) (88 decimal) over from the start of the character name.

Changing the Starter Dungeon[edit]

It is possible to change the starter dungeon to any dungeon you want, not necessarily Privateer's Hold. This is done as follows:

  • Use the Atlas-Tool to obtain the location id of a dungeon. Here, you can find a list of the Daggerfall Region Numbers.
  • Open the Z.CFG file in your Daggerfall directory with any text editor and set the startMap entry to the numerical value of the dungeon you want to start at. The default entry is 179, the numerical id for Privateer's Hold. Don't forget to enter the correct Region Number in the line region as well. By default it is 17, the Region Number of Daggerfall.
  • Start a new game.

The dungeon can by any dungeon, even cemeteries or Main Quest dungeons.

Note that there are two dungeons that will allow no exit if used this way: Daggerfall Palace and the Mantellan Crux.

It's even possible to start in the outside world, if you so choose. To do this, do the above procedure, but instead of using a dungeon, use the code for a town. In Z.CFG, be absolutely sure to change mapfile d to mapfile a. Otherwise you'll be inside a dungeon version of the town, which may or may not be escapable (Daggerfall City's "town dungeon" is, but other cities may have problems). This is actually the same setup that the Betony Daggerfall Demo uses.

Finding a Random Dungeon Item[edit]

Sometimes random dungeons get buggy. If you get stuck in a random dungeon and are unable to find the quest item, you could try this:

  1. Download DFHack from the files section.
  2. Download DDFQL from the files section.
  3. Enter the random dungeon and save your game.
  4. Put DDFQL in your main Daggerfall directory.
  5. Open DDFQL.
  6. Select the game you saved and click on "Find Items".
  7. Select the item you want to find and click on "Search".
  8. Copy the coordinates that are in yellow.
  9. Open DFHack.
  10. Open the game you saved and select the "Position" section.
  11. Put East-West coordinate on X coordinate, Up-Down coordinate on Y coordinate and North-South coordinate on Z coordinate.
  12. Save the changes and check if it worked.

I used this to find the "Dust of Restful Death" and it worked. I appeared next to the mummy! And if you can't seem to find the dungeon exit check the "Teleporting to Dungeon Exits" in this page.