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DFU Mod:Kab's Unleveled Spells

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Kab's Unleveled Spells is a mod for Daggerfall Unity whose main feature is the removal of level scaling in spells inside Daggerfall, with the rest of the game re-balanced in consequence. While Daggerfall's level-scaled spells are great at breaking the late game with effects with magnitudes far beyond what you will ever need, it's not great for people looking for a balanced experience. Mages start out very weak, with spells that cost a lot to accomplish little. After so much struggle, they turn around and make the entire game trivial, needing much restrictions not to overpower everything.

As the mod has many little changes that are hard to notice through regular gameplay, we need a place to document all those changes, a place that does not require reading the code itself.


  • No level-scaling on spells. Fireball does the same thing at level 1 and at level 20.
  • Affects player spells, enemy spells (no more 20 rounds long paralysis effects), and magic items (but not potions)
  • Spell effect costs overhauled. The classic values were too expensive to leave intact without the crazy level scaling to abuse
  • Spell descriptions reworked to remove the "scaling" elements from the text, as well as other legacy mismatches between description and actual effect
  • Spell icons have been redone to have more diversity, and to more easily identify the element of an offensive spell (red=fire, yellow=shock, etc...)
  • Enemies have been given unique spells in order to keep the same power as classic, in most cases
  • Compatible with your existing playthrough, if you're okay with wiping your entire spellbook and filling it up again