Blades:Shield of Stasis

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Shield of Stasis
Divine Shield of Stasis (StaminaShield)
Type Shield
Material Dragonscale
Quality Legendary
Requires Level Player Level 45
Block Rating 360 Bash Damage 240
Maximum Condition 675
Buying Price 00000777777Sigils Selling Price 0001629916,299Gold
This powerful shield is known for sapping the will to fight from even the most battle-hardened of warriors. No one knows of its origins, though some suspect it was not made on Tamriel.

Stamina Damage Does 256 damage to Stamina on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.
Ravage Stamina Reduces target's maximum Stamina by 53 on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.
Ravage Magicka Reduces target's maximum Magicka by 53 on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.
Block Bonus Vs Bashing +720 Block Rating against bashing damage.
Block Bonus Vs Frost +961 Block Rating against frost damage.

The Shield of Stasis is a shield only available to be purchased from the Sigil Shop. It has the appearance of a Stalhrim Shield, but because it is divine, it has the stats of Dragonscale in addition to the Stalhrim material bonus. The Shield of Apathy is its LT Ultimate version.