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Skills are split into three sections - Spells, Perks, and Abilities.


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Magicka Surge
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Echo Weapon
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Blizzard Armor
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Wall of Fire
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Delayed Lightning Bolt
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Ice Spike
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Consuming Inferno
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Resist Elements
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Poison Cloud
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Lightning Bolt
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Skill Description Max Rank Initial Cooldown Initial Cooldown (seconds) Cooldown Cooldown (seconds) Casting Time Casting Time (seconds) Requires Unlock Lowest Level
Absorb A magical sigil appears instantly. It negates up to <magnitude> damage directed at the caster and converts 100% of it into healing. 6 1.2 6 Instant 2
Blind A ball of venom deals <magnitude> poison damage on impact. Enemies that suffer more than <magnitude 2> damage are temporarily Blinded. 4 2.53 7.35 1.4 Poison Cloud 14
Blizzard Armor A layer of ice with <magnitude> Health instantly covers the caster. It takes half of all damage directed at the caster. 2 1.2 7.5 Instant Ice Spike 23
Consuming Inferno A continuous stream of flames deals <magnitude> fire damage per second while draining the caster's Stamina (Health if out of Stamina). 5 2.75 8.09 Instant Fireball 9
Delayed Lightning Bolt A ball of electricity shoots up, then strikes as lightning 4 seconds later, dealing <magnitude> shock damage to Health and Magicka. 4 2.3 6.58 1.3 Lightning Bolt 15
Echo Weapon A magical echo of the caster's weapon appears instantly, duplicating all of its attacks with a 0.5 second delay. Light, versatile and heavy echoes deal <magnitude>, <magnitude 2>, and <magnitude 3> damage, respectively. 1 10 10 Instant Thunderstorm or Blizzard Armor 35
Fireball A fiery projectile deals <magnitude> fire damage on impact. 6 1.4 3.54 0.9 2
Frostbite A stream of frigid air deals <magnitude> frost damage per second to Health and Stamina while Slowing enemies and increasing resistances to physical damage by <magnitude2>. 6 2.75 8.09 Instant Absorb 3
Ice Spike A razor-sharp ice spike deals <magnitude> frost damage to Health and Stamina on impact. Enemies that suffer more than <magnitude 2> damage are stunned. 4 1.9 5.23 1.12 Frostbite 13
Lightning Bolt A surge of electrical energy grows in front of the caster, then shoots forward to deal <magnitude> shock damage to Health and Magicka. 6 0.5 0.5 0.5 Fireball or Absorb 5
Magicka Surge Instantly increases Magicka regeneration by <magnitude> per second and speeds up spell cooldowns. After the surge, Magicka falls to 0 and Magicka regeneration stops for 10 seconds. 1 10 10 Instant Paralyze or Thunderstorm 35
Paralyze A ball of venom deals <magnitude> poison damage on impact. Enemies that suffer more than <magnitude 2> damage are temporarily Paralyzed. 2 2.75 8.09 1.5 Blind 24
Poison Cloud A cloud of poison gas grows to engulf enemies, dealing <magnitude> poison damage per second. 6 2.3 6.58 1.3 Fireball 4
Resist Elements Protective energies cure the caster of elemental conditions and increase resistances to elemental damage by <magnitude>. 5 1.12 8 0.9 Absorb 10
Thunderstorm A storm cloud appears instantly. Every 3 seconds, it emits a lightning bolt that deals <magnitude> shock damage to Health and Magicka. 2 1.5 6 Instant Delayed Lightning Bolt 25
Wall of Fire A wall of fire appears instantly. Enemies attacking through it suffer <magnitude> fire damage, but it only deals <magnitude 2> fire damage to the caster. 3 1.2 7.5 Instant Consuming Inferno 19
Ward A magical barrier appears instantly. It increases Armor Rating by <magnitude> and negates up to <magnitude 2> elemental damage, plus any excess damage from the attack that destroys it. 3 1.2 7.5 Instant Resist Elements 20


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Maximum Power
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Augmented Shock
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Healing Surge
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Enchantment Synergy
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Augmented Frost
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Augmented Poison
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Matching Set
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Advanced Tempering
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Combat Focus
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Load Bearer
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Augmented Flames
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Elemental Protection
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Perk Description Max Rank Requires Unlock Lowest Level
Advanced Tempering Increases the Smithy's maximum tempering level by <magnitude>, up to level <magnitude2>. 3 Barbarian 10
Armsman +<magnitude> Damage with versatile weapons (longswords, war axes, and maces). 6 2
Augmented Flames Increases fire damage by <magnitude>. 6 Elemental Protection 5
Augmented Frost Increases frost damage by <magnitude>. 4 Willpower 16
Augmented Poison Increases poison damage by <magnitude>. 4 Combat Focus 15
Augmented Shock Increases shock damage by <magnitude>. 2 Augmented Frost 24
Barbarian +<magnitude> Damage with heavy weapons (greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers). 6 Armsman 5
Combat Focus +<magnitude> Resistance to all damage while using an ability. 5 Scout 7
Elemental Protection +<magnitude> Block Rating against elemental damage while blocking with a shield. 6 2
Enchantment Synergy Stacked enchantments are <magnitude>% more effective. 2 Matching Set or Advanced Tempering 27
Healing Surge Increases Health regeneration while Stamina is high, by up to <magnitude> per second. 3 Augmented Poison 23
Load Bearer Increases inventory size by <magnitude>. 9 Elemental Protection 6
Matching Set +<magnitude> Armor Rating while wearing a matched set of armor (armor, helmet, gauntlets, and boots). 4 Load Bearer 14
Maximum Power Spells are <magnitude>% more effective when cast while Magicka is full. 1 Augmented Shock or Enchantment Synergy 35
Mettle Abilities are <magnitude>% more effective while Health is critical. 1 Enchantment Synergy or Healing Surge 35
Scout +<magnitude> Damage with light weapons (daggers, hand axes, and light hammers). 6 Armsman 4
Willpower +<magnitude> Resistance to all damage while casting a spell. 5 Augmented Flames 8


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Reckless Fury
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Reflecting Bash
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Recovery Strikes
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Indomitable Smash
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Renewing Dodge
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Staggering Bash
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Venom Strikes
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Focusing Dodge
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Harrying Bash
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Piercing Strikes
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BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Adrenaline Dodge
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Shield Bash
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Quick Strikes
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Power Attack
BL-icon-Skill Frame.png
Dodging Strike
Skill Description Stamina Cost Duration Unlock Skill Cost Requisites Level Requirement
Power Attack A slow but powerful overhead blow deals 38 extra damage (76 with a two-handed weapon). 145 0 (?) (?)
Shield Bash The fighter first blocks with their shield, then slams it into the enemy, dealing 55 extra bashing damage. A shield is required. 155 0 1 Power Attack (?)
Harrying Bash This Shield Bash deals 69 extra bashing damage and adds 2.5 seconds to all of the target's skill cooldowns. A shield is required. 190 0 3 Shield Bash (?)
Staggering Bash This Shield Bash deals 67 extra bashing damage and stuns a target that does not block it. A shield is required. 235 1.3 (stun) 4 Harrying Bash (?)
Reflecting Bash Up to 111 points of any damage received during this Shield Bash are redirected at the target. A shield is required. 290 0 5 Staggering Bash 25
Skullcrusher This Power Attack deals 51 extra damage (101 with two-handed weapon), and ignores both 60 points of the target's Block Rating and 225 points of their Armor Rating. 175 0 2 Power Attack (?)
Guardbreaker This Power Attack deals 66 extra damage (132 with a two-handed weapon) and stuns a target that blocks it. 215 1.3 (stun) 4 Skullcrusher (?)
Indomitable Smash During this Power Attack, all resistances are increased by 250. It also cures all of the fighter's conditions, but deals no extra damage. 265 0 5 Guardbreaker (?)
Dodging Strike The fighter instantly dodges to evade up to 132 damage, then strikes back. 170 0 (?) (?)
Quick Strikes A quick combo of two strikes that each deal (?) extra damage (no extra damage for two-handed weapons). 185 0 (?) Dodging Strike (?)
Piercing Strikes These Quick Strikes each deal 19 extra damage (no extra damage for two-handed weapons), and any elemental damage done with them ignores 123 points of the target's Block Rating and 21 points of resistance. 180 0 (?) Quick Strikes (?)
Venom Strikes These Quick Strikes each deal 23 extra damage (no extra damage for two-handed weapons), and poisons delivered with them are 8% more effective. 210 0 4 Piercing Strikes (?)
Recovery Strikes These Quick Strikes can be performed at any time, except when Paralyzed. They each deal 25 extra damage (no extra damage for two-handed weapons). 250 0 5 Venom Strikes 25
Adrenaline Dodge This Dodging Strike evades up to 169 damage and restores up to 54 Health. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the healing. 200 0 (?) Dodging Strike (?)
Focusing Dodge This Dodging Strike evades up to 156 damage and reduces skill cooldowns by up to 4 seconds. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the reduction. 195 0 4 Adrenaline Dodge (?)
Renewing Dodge This Dodging Strike evades up to 176 damage and restores up to 338 Magicka. The closer the fighter is to getting hit, the greater the restoration. 205 0 5 Focusing Dodge 24
Reckless Fury An intense rage increases the fighter's damage and protects them from being stunned or killed, but also stops them from blocking or using skills. Light, versatile and heavy weapons deal 12, 15, and 18 extra damage, respectively. 425 5 10 Indomitable Smash or Renewing Dodge 35

Unobtainable Skills[edit]

Skill Stamina Cost Magicka Cost Duration
Fire Breath ☑Yes
Firestorm Armor ☑Yes
Frost Breath ☑Yes
Polar Slam ☑Yes
Siphon Life ☑Yes
Tempest Armor ☑Yes