Blades:Paladin's Mail

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Paladin's Mail
Divine Paladin's Mail (HealthArmor)
Type Cuirass Armor
Material Dragonplate
Quality Legendary
Requires Level Player Level 45
Armor Rating 403.2 Maximum Condition 675
Buying Price 00000555555Sigils Selling Price 000062876,287Gold
Legend says this highly enchanted suit of armor belonged to the founder of the oldest orders of knighthood in Imperial history, the Order of the Hour. It counts as Dragonplate for the purposes of the Matching Set perk.

Fortify Health +111 Maximum Health.
Resist Spells +17 Spell resistance.
Physical Mercy +26 Resistance to physical damage while Health is critical.

The Paladin's Mail is a cuirass only available to be purchased from the Sigil Shop. Its appearance is the same as that of Steel Armor.