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Home Town Town
Race High Elf
Gender Female
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Justiciar Aranande is a High Elf member of the Thalmor looking for a Blades agent. She is accompanied by two Thalmor Soldiers.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]


Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Justiciar Cometh[edit]

"Ah, you must be the town's champion. I've heard quite a bit about you."
Good things, I hope.
"Well, you certainly seem to have won over the local townsfolk."
You have me at a disadvantage, then.
"I am Aranande of the Thalmor. We are here to enforce the terms of the White-Gold Concordat. Does that bother you?"
I'm not interested in politics.
"How very wise of you. That probably helped you win the hearts and minds of the townsfolk."
You do what you have to do.
"Believe me, I intend to."
"You've only been back for a few weeks, I believe?"
That is correct
"How long were you gone, if you don't mind me asking?"
Ten years, give or take.
"I'm curious, what did you do during these years?"
I went out looking for adventure.
I joined the Imperial Legion.
"I had assumed as much. Who knows, perhaps we fought on the same battlefield."
I doubt both of us would be here if we had.
"Yes, you're probably right."
Oh, I've been here a while.
"Ah. I must have heard wrong, then. I was under the impression that you had been away for quite a long time."
"Well, no matter. We actually need your help for something.
We have reason to believe a member of the outlawed Blades order may be hiding in this area.
This dangerous fugitive must be caught and eliminated.
We need an expert fighter like you to help us find him.
Any idea where we should be looking."
Not really, I'll have to ask around.
"Very well. Let us know if you find anything."

After speaking to Henrik:

"Any idea where we should be looking?"
Let's try the old soldier camp.
"Excellent! You lead the way, we'll follow."
Sure, let's go.

The Lair of the Sorcerer-King[edit]

"Have you found out anything more about that presumed Ayleid sorcerer-king?"
I'm trying to figure out where his lair might be.
"You should investigate the ruins of Niryastare. They have long been known to be haunted.
Farewell, champion."

The Troll Trap[edit]

When approached in the forest:

"I sent out two of my soldiers to scout. One of them reported that there are trolls ahead."
What about the other?
"No word yet. I'm sure he's fine.
You should go ahead and deal with those trolls."
All right.

If spoken to again:

"Report back to me when you've killed those trolls."

If spoken to another two times she will remark:

"I'm beginning to suspect you are deliberately trying to waste my time."
I'm not.
"Then go and deal with those trolls already!"

Once the trolls have been killed:

"I take it those trolls won't bother us anymore?"
They're gone.
"Good. Now, finish exploring the area. Let me know immediately if you find the fugitive blade."
Indeed. And I explored the area.

If spoken to after the first option was picked:

"So, what's the verdict?"
The Blade isn't here.
"Just as I expected. Let's return to town and decide our next move."

Once you return to town:

"Well, that was a colossal waste of time…
I'm starting to think you may have deliberately misled me.
You wouldn't be trying to help that fugitive, now would you?"
I wouldn't want to get on your bad side.
You can trust me.
"I don't trust anyone. That's what makes me so good at my job.
Ugh! Now I have to go wash off that troll stench! It's absolutely revolting!
Good luck finding that Sorcerer-King's lair. You'll need it.
Goodbye, Warrior. We'll be here."

The Forbidden Divine[edit]

"Have you found anything more about our mysterious fugitive?"
Sorry, no.
"No matter. I've put that aside for now.
I've received a tip from one of the townsfolk about locals continuing to secretly worship the false god, Talos.
This is, of course, forbidden by the terms of the White-Gold Concordat."
Do you need help dealing with those heretics?
"That's very considerate of you, but we can handle this matter ourselves."
What will you do to them?
"They will be detained and interrogated until they renounce their heresy."
That sounds fair.
"Of course it is. We're not monsters; we're just here to make sure people follow the law."
Why not just let them live in peace.
"They are free to live in peace, as long as they don't worship false gods. That's the whole point."
"Anyway, you can sit this one out. I'll contact you if we need your help."

If spoken to again:

"I appreciate your eagerness to help us, but we can handle this matter ourselves."

The Freedom to Believe[edit]

"It seems someone tipped off those Talos worshippers... they were all gone when we got there.
I'm convinced that Blade outlaw is responsible for this..."
That sounds about right.
"We shouldn't have lapsed in our efforts to catch him... or her."
You don't even know if he exists.
"No. There is no question that this Blade is hiding out somewhere near here."
"Let me know when you have more ideas on where our quarry might be hiding."
I will do that.

The Haunted Grove[edit]

"Ah, I've been expecting you. I hope you have a new lead on our fugitive Blade..."
I do.
"You do? Excellent! So, where are we off to now?"
A small cave inside the Haunted Grove.
"Haunted Grove? That sounds dangerous."
It's just a name.
"No matter, since you're coming with us anyway. We leave as soon as you're ready."

When you meet up with her outside the grove:

"So, this is the "haunted grove"? I was expecting something more impressively dreary. Looks like there are a couple of bears ahead. A perfect job for you."

If spoken to again:

"Report back when those bears are dead."

Once the bears are dead:

"Good work, Warrior. Go on ahead. I'll meet you at the cave entrance."

At the cave entrance:

"So this is it, then? How do we know this isn't a trap?"
Go on in, you'll find out.
"I have a better idea: you go in first, and if you don't come out then we'll know."
I'll go in.
"I approve. Shout if you need help."

If spoken to again:

"Go scout inside the cavern, and report back to me on what you find."

Once you return:

"Well? Did you find any trace of the fugitive?"
I found nothing.
Just the wispmother.
"As I expected."
"Let's return to town. Our work here is done."

Once you return to town:

"I'm disappointed in you, Warrior."
I didn't realize it'd be this dangerous...
"No, I'm disappointed because I thought you knew the area, but clearly you've been away too long."
So, what now?
"Maybe we'll ask someone else for advice on where to go. That old weaponmaster looks knowledgeable. You'd still come with us, though. We can use your fighting skills. I'll let you know when you're required."

The Lost Ritual[edit]

"How is your quest to defeat the Sorcerer-King going?"
We're trying to find an ancient Ayleid incantation.
"Hmm. We may be able to help you on this. I've learned of an old enchanter called Martin Gavinius who is an expert on ancient Ayleid magic. He may know something of use to you."
Do you know where to find him?
"I do. I want you to kill this unrepentant Talos worshipper once he's given you what you want. Do you have a problem with that?"
"Excellent. Here are the directions to where he lives. Be careful, though. There's a reason this sly old man is still alive..."
I'll have to think about it.
"Suit yourself. You know where to find me, <PlayerName>..."

The Old Enchanter[edit]

If spoken to again:

"Have you found that old enchanter yet?"
On my way right now.
"Good luck, <PlayerName>."
"Let me know when it's done."

Once you return if Martin wasn't killed:

"I thought we had an understanding."
What do you mean?
"You were supposed to kill the old enchanter, not bring him back with you! Explain yourself!"
I thought you'd want to question him.
"Question him? About what?"
Other Talos worshippers in the area.
"That's... not the worst idea you've ever had, actually. Very well. We'll interrogate him before killing him. Maybe he does have something of value to share."
Maybe he knows where to find the Blade.
"I doubt that, given that he's a hermit who never leaves his tower!"
He surrendered.
"That's no excuse! The man is an unrepentant heretic. He does not deserve to live."

The Messenger[edit]

"I've received some encouraging news from the First Emissary. New details have surfaced about our fugitive. A messenger is on his way with more information. That likely means we'll be leaving here sooner than expected. Are you relieved?"
Why? I enjoy your company.
"Hmph. Of course you do."
My feelings about this are irrelevant.
"A very... well considered answer. If you ever tire of swordplay, you might have a future in politics."

If spoken to again:

"That messenger should arrive today. Soon we will have a solid lead on that fugitive Blade..."

When you return after killing the messenger:

"So, I have good news, and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?"
The good news.
"The good news is that we've narrowed our list of suspects to five people."
Okay...and the bad news?
"The bad news is that our messenger was murdered. Outside of us, only five people knew about him."
The bad news.
"The bad news is that our messenger was murdered. Outside of us, only five people knew about him."
I see. And the good news?
"The good news is that we've narrowed our list of suspects to five people."

Both will lead to:

"We've suffered a minor setback, but we are still getting closer to our goal. Oh, by the way, Henrik Seven-Swords told us he'd come up with a few more leads. And yes, before you ask: he is on the list of suspects."

If spoken to again:

"I'll let you know as soon as we have a new lead on our fugitive's whereabouts."

Draugluin's Tomb[edit]

"Get your armor and weapons ready. We have a new lead from Henrik Seven-Swords."
Where to now?
"Draugluin's tomb, which sounds just as lovely as all of the other places we've visited. I'm starting to suspect the old fool is sending us on wild goose chases..."
Henrik wouldn't do that.
"Not if he had an ounce of sense in his body, certainly. That, however, remains to be seen. It might be good to remind him - and you - that assisting a Blade is a serious crime."
I know.
"Good. Now let's get ready to explore Draugluin's tomb."

If spoken to again:

"We're ready to explore Draugluin's tomb. Lead the way."

Once you arrive at the tomb:

"This place is eerily beautiful. The Ayleids truly were a great civilization. I've sent out two of my soldiers already. Go and make sure nothing has happened to them."
What about you?
"I'll stay here and make sure the Blade can't escape."

If spoken to again:

"Go find my soldiers and help them if they need it. I'll stay here to guard the exit."

Once you return:

"So, did you find anything, or is this another red herring?"
Nothing but long-dead elves, sorry.
"I wish I could say I'm surprised by this."

If you killed both the soldiers she will continue with:

"What about my soldiers? Did you find them?"
The undead got to them first.
"What? You were supposed to help them! There's nothing more to see here. Let's head back to town."

If you didn't kill the soldiers she will only say:

"At least we didn't lose anyone this time... There's nothing more to see here. Let's head back to town."

After you return to town:

"Let me be very clear: the Thalmor will not be played for fools. So I'm asking you now: Is Henrik stringing us along?"
I have full confidence in Henrik.
"I'm sure you do. You two are close, aren't you?"
He taught me everything.
"As I thought. I'll give him one last chance to provide some real information."
Not particularly.
"I see. In any case, I'll give him one more chance. This time he'd better be right."
You'll have to ask him.
"Oh, we will. Believe me, we will. I'll give him one more chance. If he fails again, I'm done with him."
Sounds fair.

A Friend in Need[edit]

"Once again you disappoint me, Warrior."
What is it this time?
"The old enchanter, Martin Gavinius, has escaped - no doubt with the help of the fugitive Blade. This wouldn't have happened if you had killed him, as we had agreed."
You're right, I'm sorry.
"Forget about him. I have much bigger news."
I'm not a murderer.
"Yes you are, you just haven't embraced it... yet. Anyway, forget about him. I have bigger news. Much bigger."

Both lead to:

"We've finally unmasked that fugitive Blade."
You did? Who is it?
"I'd rather show you. I'm curious to see the look on your face when you see who it is. Meet us in the old arena. You'll have a front-row seat to our triumph."
If you insist.
"Good. I'll see you in the old arena."
I don't have time for this.
"What if I told you it's someone you know? You're intrigued now, aren't you?"

Either will lead to the quest starting.

In the arena:

If you killed Thalmor soldiers and spared Martin:

"Welcome, Warrior."
What did you do to Henrik?!
"Ah, yes. That old warrior was a tough nut to crack. He never gave you up, no matter how much pain we inflicted on him. Truly a worthy adversary. He should have picked a better person to befriend."
You murdered him!
"It's nothing personal, Warrior. My mission is to locate and eliminate the Thalmor's enemies."
He knew the risks.
"Showing your true colors, I see. Cold and calculating, as a Blade should be."

Both will lead to:

"You didn't really think I'd fall for that "town champion" act, did you?"
I kind of did.
"That cleary was a fatal mistake. I suppose there's no point in asking you to surrender peacefully?"
There isn't.
"Very well then. Prepare to die."

If you were friendly to the Thalmor and killed Martin: needs all dialogue

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