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"Thorn holds the eastern edge of the continent, and has been named by some the Jewel of the East. As you enter their gates however, you realize that this town is as deadly as it is rumored to be beautiful. Vagabonds eye your purse strings and guards seem to turn lazy eyes elsewhere..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Thorn
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Black Marsh
The location of Thorn in Black Marsh
Yellow pog.png
The location of Thorn in Black Marsh

Thorn is a city-state located on the northeastern coast of Black Marsh, near the border of Morrowind. The ruler is King Tibus. Its rival is Archon.


  • Devil's Saber
  • Flying Sailor's
  • Green Sailor's
  • Haunted Sailor's
  • Lucky Galley
  • Lucky Ship
  • Silver Saber
  • Thirsty Cup
  • Unfortunate Gibbet
  • White Dagger
  • Brotherhood of Charity
  • Brotherhood of Mercy
  • Brotherhood of War
  • Conclave of Mercy
  • Conclave of Riana
  • Conclave of the One
  • Order of the Gentle Hand
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • Bargain Supply Store
  • Bargain Weaponry Store
  • <random>'s Tool Store
  • <random>'s Professional Merchandise
  • <random>'s Quality Weaponry Store
  • New Equipment Store
  • New Merchandise
  • New Sundries
  • New Supply Store
  • New Tool Store
  • <random>'s General Armaments
  • The Adventurer's Armaments
  • The Adventurer's Gear Store
  • The Adventurer's Provisions
  • The Basic Merchandise
  • The Emperor's Tool Store
  • The Emperor's Weaponry Store
  • The Practical Armaments
  • The Practical Equipment Store
  • The Practical Weaponry Store
  • The Wyrm's Tool Store
  • The city-state Supply Store
  • <random>'s Professional Tool Store
  • Unearthed Tool Store
  • Vintage Gear Store