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Idolan Lancaster is the Leader of the Conclave of Baal in Stormhold, Black Marsh. He helps the player locate Murkwood in exchange for a favor.


On first approach, he tells the player: "Aye, my child, I knew the way to find the location of Murkwood, the dark forest that ever moves, for I am Idolan Lancaster, Leader of the Conclave of Baal. Though it is a dire place, it is said that many items were lost within its swamps and bogs. Alas, I fear its secrets will rest forever now."

"You see, a few nights ago one of our initiates, thinking to impress his masters, triggered a spell of massive destructive potential. Though the senior brothers tried to dissipate it, they were not able. The best they could do was to channel its power into the very earth itself. Needless to say the backlash was terrible, collapsing much of the Vaults of Gemin, the site this unfortunate apprentice had chosen to cast his spell. The stone tablet that held the key to the location of Murkwood fell with much of the Vault, deep below the earth. I dare say it is lost forever unless... If you would be willing to venture into the collapsed Vault and try and recover the tablet, I would be happy to decipher the location of Murkwood and inscribe it onto your map. You would have to return the tablet to me first, however. Will you agree?"

If the player agrees, he continues: "You are doing a great service to the Conclave of Baal. I will not forget it. Be careful however, for we have heard strange noises issuing forth from the dark caverns below. When you have retrieved the tablet, return to this place. I will await you..."

If the player declines, he will be comprehensive: "Your fear is understood [sic]. My brothers and I will continue the excavation. If you should change your mind, come inquire about Murkwood again. I will welcome a chance to recover the tablet..."

Idolan bows respectfully and then departs to help with the restoration...

If the player returns after having declined: "Welcome back, [player name]! [Exclamation], it is truly a pleasure to see you. I hope you will try and recover the tablet from the Vaults of Gemin. My brothers have done great work in restoring the upper sections, but the underdark is still a place we dare not venture. My original offer stands, bring back the tablet and I will inscribe the location of Murkwood for you on your map. Will you help?"

Once the player departs and returns with the tablet: "The Vaults are no safe place for those not strong in arm and wit. Still, it seems you have succeeded in quite an arduous task. Wait a moment and I will complete our bargain..."

Idolan peers intently at the tablet, then rummages through his robes for a feather pen. A helpful brother holds out an ink well and Idolan pens the location of Murkwood, somewhere in the province of Black Marsh, onto your map...

If the player returns empty-handed: "There is no shame in returning empty-handed. The caverns below are treacherous to even the most seasoned of veterans. Please, if you wish to, you may try again. For now, rest and heal..."

Idolan smiles sadly, patting you on your shoulder before joining some of his brethren in prayer...