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Arena, the full game[edit]

Since the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls series, Arena has been free to download.

Filename Date Size Description
ElderScrollsArena_Deluxe_DOS_Mac.7z 17 July 2018 25.08 MB Arena, both floppy disk and deluxe editions, placed in a DOSBox wrapper, pre-installed and configured specifically for macOS users. Requires macOS 10.6 or later.
ArenaSetup.exe 17 August 2013 30.5 MB ArenaSetup was created for easy installation of a ready-to-play Arena CD Version 1.07 on modern Windows systems. The game runs within its own pre-configured DOSBox. Optional translation(s) are available during the install.

Here is the direct download link if the webpage doesn't load properly. 6 May 2004 8.8 MB Bethesda Softworks previously provided this official Arena installer through (now their "Download the Full Game" link leads instead to the Arena Steam page). Note that this is the floppy-disk 1.06 version, so the CD version's cutscene audio is not included (Steam, on the other hand, now provides the 1.07 CD version, as does Official Bethesda support for Arena can be found here.

Official Patches and Utilities[edit]

The latest Arena patches, official game utilities, and other files released by Bethesda.

Filename Date Size Description 16 October 1998 255 KB The latest official Arena patch 1.06. To apply, download and unzip into your game directory.
ARUPD5.ZIP 1 January 1995 245 KB The official Arena patch 1.05. To apply, download and unzip into your game directory.
ARUPD4A.ZIP 1 September 1994 198 KB The official Arena patch 1.04. To apply, download and unzip into your game directory. 18 January 2010 1 MB Manual and Addendum PDFs from the CD version. 20 May 2003 1.8 MB Demo of the floppy-disk version of Arena.
ARENASLD.ZIP 29 December 2010 507 KB A slideshow of Arena screenshots showing beta elements, released almost a year before the demo.
ARENA.ZIP 28 December 2010 510 KB A second slideshow of Arena screenshots from shortly before the game's release.


Arena in other languages.

Filename Date Size Description
ProjetFrenchArena 18 January 2010 1.25 MB Projet French Arena is an unofficial French translation of Arena.
Arena_RU 9 May 2015 1.6 MB Unofficial Russian translation.
TES Arena ReFonted for Spanish 21 Jun 2016 3 KB Unofficial Spanish translation, hosted on Nexus.
Tes Arena Türkçe Çeviri Çalışması 8 July 2017 7.60 MB Unofficial Turkish translation, hosted on Nexus.

Save Game Editors[edit]

Edit just about anything you want to in your save files.

Filename Date Size Description 5 June 1994 34 KB Money and stats cheat programs, complete with how-to. 24 March 1995 50 KB Text-based save game editor allowing changes to attributes, gold, and experience. 10 June 1994 131 KB Full save game editor with Borland-style text UI.
ArenaMoneyCheat 4 June 2015 6 KB Text-based save game editor that provides 64,000 gold (a more convenient version of Gladu's money cheat).

Saved Games[edit]

The following are user-submitted save files from Arena. Please feel free to add your own saves, provided they're useful or notable in some way. See sections below table for instructions.

Filename Date Size Description
EDIIH.ZIP 9 November 1995 46 KB Ediih, 13th-level Knight. All stats at 100, with the exception of Intelligence. A few artifacts and staff pieces.
SPLLSWRD.ZIP 13 May 1996 56 KB Level 22 Spellsword with some nice equipment. 24 February 2008 149 KB A modded level 229 Dark Elf Sorceress with maxed-out stats, all spells, and over 30,000 health for those who keep dying in the game.
Ka'dar 28 March 2015 204 KB Ka'dar Namarri, an unmodded level 5 male Khajiit Thief with some basic equipment to start as a budding adventurer on their way to greatness. 22 June 2015 44 KB A Level 8 male Redguard Bard named Ennah in a random dungeon in Skyrim.
Selene 22 September 2020 85 KB Files for two save slots of a level 23 Argonian Ranger named Selene Gray-Thuxis. The first save is after completion of the main quest, the second is near the end of that quest, in front of the Imperial Palace. Artifacts obtained: Ebony Mail plus two readings from the Oghma Infinium.

Exporting Arena Save-Games (DOS)[edit]

Arena comes with the ability to store ten different saved games. Data for each save are spread across multiple files in the Arena directory. All files ending with a .00 extension are associated with the first slot in the list of saved games, all files ending with .01 are associated with the second slot, and so on through files ending in .09 for the tenth slot.

Names for each slot (i.e., the text entered while saving) are stored in the NAMES.DAT file. These names are 48 characters long and padded on the right by the X'00' character and thus cannot be edited with a normal text editor. However, there is absolutely no link between the names in NAMES.DAT and your save files. The link is between the slot itself (irrespective of the name) and the saved game files' extension. So, for the purpose of exporting or importing saved games, NAMES.DAT is optional.

To export a saved game from Arena, first create a place to put the files. If you are at a DOS command prompt, the command md ArenaSavedGame will create a folder in which to put the saved game. The command copy *.00 C:\ArenaSavedGame will then put a copy of all the save-game files associated with the top save slot into the "ArenaSavedGame" folder. Those files can be bundled together (e.g., in a ZIP file) to conveniently store, share, and import the saved game.

Importing Arena Save-Games (DOS)[edit]

The simplest way to import a save-game into Arena is to overwrite a previous save. This may be accomplished as follows:

  • Backup the desired save by copying all associated files via DOS (e.g., copy *.01 c:\temp).
  • If necessary, rename the files to be imported so they use the same extension as the backed-up files (e.g., change .04 to .01).
  • Copy the save-game files into the Arena directory and load from the associated save slot within the game (e.g., for files ending in .01, load the second slot).

Save-game files may also be imported into an empty slot which, while less likely to incur an error, is also more difficult. This is due to the fact that the save's name must be entered in the NAMES.DAT file, which can only be modified using a binary editor. Those familiar with binary editors can modify NAMES.DAT with little effort by merely filling the appropriate EMPTY slot with some meaningful text. For those without a binary editor, or unfamiliar with such, the following program will allow the NAMES.DAT file to be easily modified: (14 kb) (the ZIP file contains an executable, help file, and source code in C).

Exporting Arena Save-Games (Windows)[edit]

Exporting Arena save-games is a little trickier in Windows. First, locate the folder where Arena stores its files. With Bethesda's official release, the default location is C:\Program_Files\Bethesda_Softworks\Arena; with the handier ArenaSetup program, the default location is C:\Games\Bethesda_Softworks\Arena (note that "C:\" may need to be changed to whichever letter is associated with your computer's primary drive, most likely the drive with the largest storage capacity on machines with more than one drive). For easy access, create a new folder in this location, such as "Save-games" (or whatever you wish), and copy the *.0x files to this location. These files can now be passed along to anybody that would like to enjoy them, perhaps bundled together as a ZIP file for convenience.

Importing Arena Save-Games (Windows)[edit]

After downloading or otherwise receiving the desired save-games, they must be copied to the location where Arena stores its files (see "Exporting Arena Save-Games (Windows)" above). The best way to do this is to copy the saves to an empty slot; see the second paragraph of "Importing Arena Save-Games (DOS)" above for instructions on how to do this.

Misc Utilities[edit]

More editors and utilities for viewing Arena resources.

Filename Date Size Description
Arena Gamesave Backup Utility 8 Jun 2016 1.3 MB A simple, easy-to-use utility for backing up game saves for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Must be run from Windows! 1 May 2017 580 KB BSATool (Replacement for BSA_F-EX, WinArena, ArenaFile and Project 4) and TemplateEditor (TEMPLATE.DAT editor) by Dysperia. 13 August 2014 580 KB A collection of tools for Arena allowing unpacking and repacking of BSA files, including image conversion and INF file decryption. Also includes a font editor and some basic information on INF files. 31 December 2006 350 KB A useful tool for extracting Arena game resources. Also allows exploration in the starting dungeon and the ability to wander the streets of a randomly selected city when you exit the dungeon. Source code included. 10 April 2008 35 KB A useful tool for extracting Arena game resources, based on WinArena. 17 March 2008 169 KB Another tool for extracting and reinserting Arena game resources. 18 August 2006 171 KB A tool for converting Arena IMG files to BMP.
MOSLO.ZIP 16 October 1998 3 KB Freeware utility to slow the processing speed of Pentium-based computers from 1 to 99%, allowing Arena to operate properly.
TURBO.ZIP 16 October 1998 50 KB Free utility for slowing down your computer under Windows 95 or NT. Also includes assembly processes for recent versions of Windows.


Non-exhaustive list of mods available for Arena. More can be found on the Nexus Mods page for Arena.

Filename Category Date Size Description
TES Arena Remapped Controls - QoL 10 May 2015 327 KB Custom DOSBox mapper.txt file that completely revamps and modernizes the game's control scheme while maintaining the ability to properly input text (by holding the L CTRL key).
Sound Patch Audio - Bug Fix 22 May 2017 324 KB Removes undesirable clicking noises from audio files.
OpeningFix Bug Fix 8 Oct 2016 32 KB Fixes minor errors on the slides that appear between the title screen and main menu.
TES Arena IntroFix Bug Fix 9 Jan 2016 56 KB Fixes the slides that appear after selecting "Start New Game": changes Uriel Septim IV to VII and adds punctuation.
IntuitiveUIv2 QoL - Retexture 2 Apr 2016 6 KB A retexture of the map, bottom menu, keys, save list, and compass. The new textures are simple and extremely accurate.
Clean UI QoL - Retexture 4 Nov 2020 63 KB Dark and clean interface with escape menu. Meant to be used with IntuitiveUIv2.
TES Arena ReFonted QoL - Retexture 31 Jan 2016 7 KB Changes in-game font style to be more readable.
SpiderReplacer - Babe QoL - Retexture 19 March 2016 37 KB Replaces spiders with a "babe": an exclusive creature that was removed from the game.
Increase View Distance Mod Tutorial - Retexture 12 Jun 2016 5 KB Demonstrates how to increase rendering distance through hacking (much like EyeOfArgonia for Daggerfall). Also includes a mod for removing trees.