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ON-icon-fish-Slaughterfish.png Wrothgar Master Angler
ON-icon-achievement-Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch.png Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch
Type Orsinium Achievements
Points 5, 10
Catch all 12 rare fish in Wrothgar.
Catch the rare Crab-Slaughter-Crane fish found in Wrothgar.

Wrothgar Master Angler is awarded for catching all 12 rare fish in Wrothgar. Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch is awarded for catching a very rare thirteenth fish, Crab-Slaughter-Crane.

Type Fish Locations

Greater Ashmouth
Lesser Ashmouth
Pariah Lumpfish


Giant Hammerjaw
Matron Eelpout


Blue-Ringed Octopus
Black Scabbardfish
Hairy Coffinfish

  • The entire northwestern shore

Tum Weever

  • Most of the inland water is rivers
This fish is for the "Hooking Wrothgar's Biggest Catch" achievement, and does not apply to the Wrothgar Master Angler achievement.


The Crab-Slaughter-Crane can be caught from the shoreline near the Morkul Plain wayshrine. Atorag, a fisher who can be found nearby, will tell you the background of the Crab-Slaughter-Crane and gives some advice on how to catch it:

"I saw it when the sun was setting, so I'd say you'd want to fish for it at night. And with a fish that big, you'd want a couple friends helping out. How else would you manage to reel it in?"

Although she suggests bringing friends, it's not a requirement. The primary benefit of fishing in a group is that it slightly improves your chances of catching a rare fish. Additonally, it doesn't seem like fishing for it at night is a requirement.