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Sap-Speaker Kuzei
Location The Mists's Hist Tree Mural
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Root-Whisper Tribe
Sap-Speaker Kuzei in The Mists.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei is an Argonian Sap-Speaker of the Root-Whisper Tribe, who headed the effort to create the Remnant of Argon in the face of the Ayleid invaders. She can first be met through the Mists and holds the only thing that can lead to the resting place of the Remnant.

Her spirit can later be encountered within the Remnant of Argon.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngDeath and Dreaming: Join a dream-wallow ritual and learn the truth about the Remnant of Argon.
  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngBy River and Root: Guide the trapped spirits of the Root-Whisper tribe back to the cycle of rebirth.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Death and Dreaming[edit]

When you enter the third memory during the dream-wallow you, will find Sap-Speaker Kuzei and her fellow ritualists creating the Remnant of Argon in the chamber directly below the Hist tree.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "The Ayleid savages approach, but the Hist provides. A seed of our tribe. A refuge for the souls of our people."
Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Creating this relic is our tribe's last hope. You must find the root's courage and keep the Elves from interfering."

As waves of Ayleids attempt to disrupt the ritual, she will shout words of encouragement.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Trust in the Hist! Here they come!"

When Myndhal arrives, she will shout a warning.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Their leader approaches. Keep him away! The ritual is nearly complete!"

Once Myndhal is dead and the ritual is completed, she will ask you to speak with her.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Come, warrior. The trouble tide recedes, but it will crash again soon."

When she is spoken to, she will quickly realize that you are not just Mateem:

"Mateem-who-is-not. At last.
The sight of you warms my scales. I feared you would not come, but I was wrong to worry. The Hist, in its wisdom, always provides."
Mateem-who-is-not? You can see who I really am?
"In this place, even the keenest eyes see little but embers of the truth, Rootmender. Here, we see with our souls. But these are questions for a dozing time. This moment demands action.
You seek the seed, correct?"
Seed? Do you mean the Remnant of Argon?
"What you call it matters little.
The seed, this Remnant, waits in a dark and quiet place, and our souls hide within it. It calls for a protector, a guide, and a mender that might lift it high and release its spirits in the bright-yellow sun."
How can I find the Remnant?
"I offer you my staff—a branch of great power. It will guide you to us.
Many brambles and snares remain, Rootmender. Betrayal, battle, and sacrifice. But the Hist knows your heart and your strength. In time, you shall find what you seek."
Thank you. If it will help guide me to the Remnant, I'll take your staff.

Before you take the staff, Sap-Speaker Kuzei can be asked questions about the visions you are experiencing and their nature:

"The shell of the dream grows thin, Rootmender. Soon it will crack. If you have questions, ask them now."
What did I just witness?
"The death of our tribe, and the creation of the Remnant of Argon.
The Ayleid Elves, with their white-stone hearts, brought steel and nightmare magicks to Murkmire. Their leader coveted our souls and their secrets. So with his staff, he claimed them."
But I just killed him, right?
"No. He will survive. And his reign here will bring a rain storm of sorrows. But all is as it must be. The strongest crops grow from fire-licked soil. So it is with the seed—your Remnant.
For a miracle to occur, there must first be sorrow."
What is this miracle? What does the Remnant do?
"It provides a refuge for the souls of our tribe. A safe place to weather the storm. But it has slept too long and the Hist that cares for it withers away.
You must find the Remnant. Find us. With your aid, both Hist and Remnant will wake and thrive."
What's so important about your staff?
"The seed sleeps in a forgotten place—hidden from sun, and storm, and time itself. In all the world, only this staff remembers its whereabouts. It will guide you, just as the stars guide a sailor.
Know this, though. You will not hold it for long."
What do you mean?
"Another will claim it. But do not worry, Rootmender. It will lead you all the same. Just as a swamp-fox leads the cunning hunter to its den."
You keep calling me Rootmender. What does that mean?
"It is your role. Just as I speak the Hist's will, you will mend its wounds.
All of us, even our enemies, have a part to play in this tale. The Ayleids beat the drums of war. Your friends bow the strings of sacrifice. And you sing the hero's song."
Is this just a vision? Or is this really happening?
"Both. And neither."
How can it possibly be both and neither?
Tell me, Rootmender, which do you believe is true? Is this a dream-wallow vision? Is it real?"

You can say either:

I think it is a dream-wallow vision.
"Very well. It is a vision. Does this quench the thirst in your mind?"
I don't know.
It must be real.
"Very well. It is real. Does this quench the thirst in your mind?"
I don't know.

Or you can go straight to:

I'm not sure.

All responses lead to here:

"The narrow reed you call real cannot hold the Hist's truth, Rootmender. Real. Illusion. Dream. Waking. These are the words that keep our bellies to the mud. We are safe there, yes. But we cannot see very far.
Today, you see very far indeed."
(All options lead to this reply.)
I'm not sure I understand, but thank you for the explanation.
"You are welcome.
Do not be discouraged. Uncertainty is no bad thing."

By River and Root[edit]

Sap-Speaker Kuzei
Location The Remnant of Argon
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Root-Whisper Tribe
Condition Spirit
Sap-Speaker Kuzei's spirit inside the Remnant of Argon

As Jaxsik-Orrn, Xukas and yourself explore the refuge within the Remnant itself, you will eventually come across Sap-Speaker Kuzei who will thank you for rescuing them and explain what must be done to free the souls of her tribe.

"Rootmender. After all this time … it warms my scales to see you again.
I sensed a twisted soul trying to claim our power. Had she succeeded, many would have suffered. Thank you for stopping her. Now all that remains is to set us free."
Are you trapped here? Inside the Remnant?
"Trapped? No. Preserved. Kept safe.
The Ayleids who attacked us—they wanted our secrets and our souls. We used both to thwart them. With the Hist's help, the souls of our tribe retreated into the Remnant, where no Elf could follow."
If you're safe here, why do you need my help?
"Safety is not an end in itself—only a means to ensure the seasons of tomorrow. Here, all is static. The trees do not grow. The tides do not rise or fall. Our souls grow complacent. Adrift.
We must return to the Hist. And for that, we need a guide."
A guide? Like Xukas or Jaxsik-Orrn?

You can then ask her additional questions about the choice she has set before you.

"Yes. Both possess old, wise souls. One must leave the waking world and remain with us—to guide the tribe down the river called Rebirth. Without their strength, we will surely be swept away.
Speak with them. You will see they do not fear this task."
Leave the waking world? Does that mean they'll die? / You mentioned that one of my companions have to stay here. Does one of them have to die?
"Only a soul unfettered from the body can guide us. What you call death, we call change. There is no death in the Hist.
All bodies pass to the mud, but the soul lives on. We rise and fall like the sun—gone for a time, but always soon to return."
I will never see them again, will I?
"Difficult to say.
There may come a day when you lock eyes with a hatchling listening to the wind, or chasing a gecko through the reeds. If that moment comes, though your minds may wander, your souls will know a joyful reunion. Trust in the Hist."
Couldn't I guide the tribe? Why does it need to be Xukas or Jaxsik-Orrn?
"You have many more souls to save, Rootmender. Many battles to fight.
Just as you were born to aid them, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn were born to save us—guided through life in preparation for this moment. Your heroism made this possible."
We met before—in the dream-wallow, right?
"Yes. In an old time, and not long ago—all at once. You fought alongside the tribe, deep beneath our sacred Hist.
I long to see it again."
Your Hist looks old and barren. Will releasing you from the Remnant bring it back to life?
"Yes. Our Hist pours its intention into the Remnant. When we leave and awaken to our new life, the Hist will wake too—ready to guide a new and vibrant tribe.
So, you see, you do more than just save an old tribe. You make way for a new one."

If you speak to her before speaking to your companions, she'll add:

"Both of your companions will wish to make this sacrifice. Testament to their great wisdom and your strong example. The choice will not be easy. I leave you to it."

The Spirit Guide[edit]

As the Sap-Speaker will reveal, one of your companions will need stay behind to guide the other souls to rebirth. Once you have spoken with them both, you can speak with her with your decision.

"The winds shift and the deciding season is upon us, Rootmender. Who will lead our tribe out of the Remnant?"
Why is it up to me?
"In good times, we glide across calm waters, guided by the Hist's will alone. But when the weather turns foul, we must act on our own. The most consequential moments rest at these crossroads of faith and choice.
In this moment, the choice is yours."
Do you have any advice?
"In choosing Xukas or Jaxsik-Orrn, you choose what virtues my tribe carries with it to the egg of their next life.
What virtues do you hold in highest esteem? Do you favor temperance and cunning, or honesty and courage? Let that guide your judgment."
I think Jaxsik-Orrn should guide your tribe to lives of courage and commitment. [Jaxsik-Orrn Dies]
"Good. Nothing will prevent the tribe from feeling the Hist's embrace with Jaxsik-Orrn leading the way.
While Xukas does not make the journey with us, he still has much to do. A new tribe will gather beneath our waking Hist. Xukas will lead them."
I will see that he does. What happens now?
"You must leave this place. Lay our guide's body to rest near the roots of our Hist. Place the Remnant there too. With the Hist's guidance, your companion will do the rest.
You have my gratitude, Rootmender. You have proven yourself a true Argonian."
I think Xukas should guide your tribe to lives of cunning and good humor. [Xukas Dies]
"A wise choice. Xukas has a kind heart—he will shepherd us to the next life.
Jaxsik-Orrn may be disappointed, but know that she still has much to do. A new tribe will gather beneath the boughs of our waking Hist. She must lead them."
I will see that she does. What happens now?
"You must leave this place. Lay our guide's body to rest near the roots of our Hist. Place the Remnant there too. With the Hist's guidance, your companion will do the rest.
You have my gratitude, Rootmender. You have proven yourself a true Argonian."

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"You should not linger for long, Rootmender. Already, my tribe's souls make their preparations for the long journey ahead. We have you to thank for it.