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Home Settlement Dead-Water Village
Location Dragonstar Stockade, Blackguard Caravan, Lilmoth, Swallowed Grove, Around Murkmire, Deepmire, Xul-Thuxis, Root-Whisper Village, The Remnant of Argon
Race Naga Gender Female
Health 15,000
39,959 (As your follower/In Root-Whisper Village/Inside the relic)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Whispers in the Wood
The Swamp and the Serpent
Faction(s) Dead-Water Tribe

Jaxsik-Orrn is a Naga and War Captain of the Dead-Water Tribe, she is first encountered hunting down the Blackguards who kidnapped her people.

Xukas is somewhat of a friend to her, though she would never admit it. She fights with her blade which is both named and made from her deceased brother, Tsojei.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Missing in Murkmire[edit]

Dragonstar Stockade and Meeting[edit]

Jaxsik-Orrn can be first encountered while exploring the Dragonstar Stockade for clues about the disappearance of several Cyrodilic Collections employees. After entering the Sunken House, Gromjolf, a member of the Dragonstar Caravan Company, will catch you in the act, then the following will happen:

Gromjolf: "Hey you! Who are you? What are you doing in there?"
<Jaxsik-Orrn appears behind him and kills him.>
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Eenu kaal tsohu … hoto greel."
<Jaxsik-Orrn then leaves.>

After conferring with Xukas, Famia and Kassandra, Xukas will set up a meeting with Jaxsik-Orrn near his village. It turns out to be a very short meeting.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "I see their approach. You make too long, Xukas."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "The Dead-Water tribe goes to war with the Blackguards, yes. I hunt one of them even now. But we do not need or want your help."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Now, go back to your coast-town, ojel. The swamp will eat you if you do not."
<Jaxsik-Orrn then runs off and disappears in a puff of smoke.>

Blackguard Caravan[edit]

Once she has been tracked down, she is watching the Blackguard caravan and can finally be spoken to.

"I grind my fangs. Following a Dead-Water kaal is the act of a fool or a maniac. Tsojei says fools and maniacs both bleed red.
I will repeat myself. Once. I do not need your help. I hunt these Blackguards alone. Our business is settled. Leave."
We're not going anywhere.
"The ojel stands its ground? Brave. Or stupid.
A flock of flat-toothed Blackguards took refuge in this ravine. They snatched up some of my egg-kin—your allies too—and threw them in cages. Now, Tsojei and I will hack these greels to pieces."
If they have Famia's explorers, we have a common enemy.

You can then either end the conversation now or ask additional questions.

"I narrow my eyes. You and the Bright-Throat wish to join me on this raid, rather than pick the bones when the work is done? Fine.
Burn the wagons. Smash their supplies. Kill any that oppose you. When all lies in ashes, we will speak again."
Not yet. I need you to answer some questions first.
"You and Xukas so enjoy waggling your tongues. Fine. What do you wish to know?"
Who is this Tsojei person you keep talking about?
"Tsojei is my weapon—hewn from the bones and teeth of my fallen egg-brother. Many beasts and ojels have felt its bite. Now these Blackguard savages will feel it, too."
So, your weapon talks to you?
"Talk? No. Tsojei shouts, always. Blood. Fear. Glory. All is meat to Tsojei."
I need to know who I'm fighting with. Who are you, really?
"Impatience bristles my quills. I am Jaxsik-Orrn, Dead-Water kaal. You know this already. Why do you ask me to repeat something you already know?"
Your name is pretty much all I know.
"I blink my eyes. Xukas did not tell you more? That is surprising. Xukas never tires of talking.
I am a warrior. Tsojei and I hunt and kill the Dead-Water tribe's many enemies. There is nothing more to say."
Xukas told me the two of you are friends.
"Xukas and I are not friends. A Naga kaal has no friends—only allies and prey. Xukas is often an ally, so he is permitted to speak in Dead-Water Village. A great honor.
He is rarely an ally in war, though. This is hewei. Odd. And also annoying."
Can you tell me more about the kidnappers? The Blackguards?/What can you tell be about these kidnappers? The Blackguards?
"I tighten my fist. Blackguards are limp-tailed savages—honorless Nagas mostly—who nest in Blackrose Prison. Cowards that value metal coins more than water.
When they stray into Dead-Water lands, we kill them."
Do they often kidnap members of your tribe?
"No. I will save these kidnapped warriors, but they will have much to answer for when they return to Dead-Water Village.
If Raj-Kaal Seelan's temper flares, they may wish they had not been rescued at all."
Raj-Kaal Seelan?
"War-chief to the Dead-Water tribe. He is old and ill-tempered. He forgives when it suits him—but it suits him rarely. There are few chiefs greater than Seelan."
No questions from me. Let's start the raid. /No questions from me. Let's start smashing things.
"Finally, you speak sense. Bare your fangs, ojel. The hunt begins."

As you move through the camp, you may be able to see Jaxsik-Orrn in the distance killing Blackguards. If you are close enough you will hear her shout::

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Eat mud, dryskin!"

The Blackguard Prisoner[edit]

After you have disrupted the camp and freed the prisoners, you can meet up with Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas, where you find that she has captured Captain Hostia, a Blackguard who attempted to flee, and they disagree what should be done with her.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Step away, Bright-Throat. This one belongs to the Dead-Water tribe."

She can then be asked what is going on:

"This one is known to us, ojel—a Blackguard savage who led the raid on our people. Now, in our Hist's mighty name, I will hack it dead.
If you want to talk to it, be quick. Tsojei is thirsty, and Sithis is waiting."
You're going to murder a bound captive?
"I roll my eyes. Murder? When you gut a fish, is it murder? No. You only object because this fish walks upright and has a face.
The ojel is an animal—foolish one. The Dead-Water tribe does not suffer animals like this to live."
You don't think there will be repercussions?
"I bare my teeth. A Naga prays for repercussions daily, outsider.
Blackguards slither about in Dead-Water territory often. Too often. Perhaps finding this ojel in pieces will finally lure them into open combat. Then we will skin them like catfish."

If she is spoken to before interrogating the prisoner, Jaxsik-Orrn says: "Sithis waits for this animal with an open maw, ojel. I will not make it wait much longer."

After questioning Captain Hostia, you can either side with Jaxsik-Orrn or Xukas. When you speak to Jaxsik-Orrn:

"This savage lies as easily as it breathes. Look at its eyes—the sweat on its brow. It stinks of deceit and cowardice. Now it speaks of the Remnant of Argon? It must die.
This ojel is a liar and the spawn of liars. Now, Tsojei and I will kill it."
What if you're wrong?
"I am not.
You showed cunning in tracking me and strength during the raid. To see you falter now, in the face of some blubbering, treacherous dryskin would turn my stomach. It says it has a daughter? It has killed many daughters. Now that ends."
You're right. She's proven too dangerous. Do what you have to do. [Hostia dies]
Captain Hostia: "Wait, please don't. No—no!"
<Jaxsik-Orrn kills her.>
On second thought ….
<Ends the conversation>

If you sided with Jaxsik-Orrn, she will be pleased with you and she can be asked about the Remnant.

"I sigh with satisfaction. You understand the truth, ojel. A predator who spares wounded prey shows weakness. Weakness invites challenge. The Dead-Water tribe brooks no challengers.
You were useful today. Should we meet again, I will not kill you."
Thank you. Now, what of this Remnant of Argon?
"I bare my fangs. It is a secret of the Hist. The killing kind.
You showed your Naga-heart today, so I will give you this one warning: the Remnant is not for you. Go tell your pale master, Famia, to let this go."
All right. I'll inform Famia.

If you sided with Xukas, he'll free the Imperial:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Brave, ojel … but foolish."
Captain Hostia: "Thank you! I'm finished with the Blackguards! You have my word!"
<Captain Hostia runs off>

If you speak to her afterward:

"I shake my head. You think like a Bright-Throat—exposing your soft underbelly to make peace. That sort of thinking may help you in Lilmoth, but it will see you killed in the deep murk.
If you wish more words, speak to Xukas. He has many to spare."

Afterward, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas speak briefly:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "I hiss with fury. How did these ojel beasts learn about the Remnant?"
Xukas: "We will find out, Jaxsik … provided you do not kill them all."

Before returning to Lilmoth, you can ask Jaxsik-Orrn about her plans.

"I prepare to leave this place. What more do you want, ojel?"
What's your next move?
"I bristle my war-spines. I will return to Dead-Water Village and gather the warriors for a blood-council. Blackguard hunting season must begin. Now."
You think you can kill them all?
"All? No. Most? Perhaps.
These savages cannot take the Remnant of Argon. If it means the death of every Blackguard and Dead-Water warrior, so be it."
What if we could find it first?
"One does not stop the other. Tsojei and I will hunt both Remnant and Blackguard. Join the hunt if you wish, but do not stand in our way."

Whispers in the Wood[edit]

Dead-Water Village[edit]

When you are asked to travel to Dead-Water Village to meet with her, she can be found in the center of the village with Grave-Singer Ki-At.

"I narrow my eyes.
I know what you seek—you and the Blackguards both. Tsojei and I hack, and cleave, and stab, yet more ojels swim over our borders every day. All looking for the Remnant of Argon. I must find it first. I will find it first."
You know I have no love for the Blackguards. We can find the Remnant together.
"I consider. We killed many savages together. We will do so again. If the Hist thinks you worthy of Remnant secrets, you will survive. If not, so be it.
I hunt Blackguards. They skulk around our village, yanking up our grave-stakes like salt-daisies."
The Blackguards think tribal relics will lead them to the Remnant. Are these grave-stakes special?
"I arch my brow-ridge. Special? Yes. Our grave stakes do not just pin the dead to their resting place. Each tells a story—some as old as the tribe itself.
Some of our greatest raj-kaals even had the honor of using a Hist bough to make their stakes."
Could the Remnant's secrets be carved onto one of these grave-stakes?
"Yes. All the more reason to hack these Blackguards dead.
Meet me in the swamp, east of the village. Our quarry is there. Many unstaked bog-blights also—freed from their dead-sleep by those thieving savages. Bare your fangs, ojel. Time for war."
I'll meet you outside the village.

If you speak to her again before leaving:

"Of all the things these savages could steal, they choose our grave-stakes. My rage-spine shivers, ojel. They will pay in blood."

Hunting Grounds[edit]

Once you head out of the village and into the swamps, you can find Jaxsik-Orrn observing a Blackguards camp.

"Here already? You are swift, ojel, I will give you that. But enough flattery, I think. From now on, all is war-talk.
We seek the grave-stakes of several Dead-Water kaals … and vengeance. I know how we can claim both."
What do you have in mind?
"The Blackguards steal our fallen egg-kins' grave-stakes without regard for the stakes' purpose. Now, the rivers choke on bog-blights, dead-and-not-dead things that eat Nagas whole.
With cunning, we will see to it that they eat only Blackguards."
Sounds good. What do we have to do?
"The Blackguard savages build pahnjees—this word means fumers. Racks of oily, spoiled meat that keep the bog-blights off their scent.
As we recover the grave-stakes, destroy the fumers. The dead-not-dead will find our enemies and do the rest."
All right, I'll destroy the fumers and recover the grave-stakes.

At this point, she will become a follower. She can then be asked about the grave-stakes and bog-blights.

"This time, we attack as one. One serpent—two heads."
Are you concerned about the bog-blights attacking us?
"A single spear-ant means nothing, but a hive means death.
A bog-blight is nothing to us, alone. But when they gather in great numbers? Great danger. Great glory, also, for those who fight them. My egg-brother, Tsojei, fell to the bog-blights."
I'm sorry.
"Do not be. It was a glorious battle. And he fights with me still, you see?
For the Dead-Water, death is certain. But death brings new life—as shield and bow, or axe and knife. In time, the soul moves on. Everything changes, but nothing ends."
That's very … poetic?
"Hmm. I curl my lips. Poetic … another word for soft, I think? Soft words belong to Bright-Throats, like Xukas.
Enough egg-gazing. We have work to do."
What are grave-stakes?/What are grave stakes, exactly?
"We call them xul-vaats. They tell the stories of our victories. And our defeats. Tales from childhood, names of friends, dreams, nightmares.
They also keep the dead down where they belong. In the mud."
Do the dead often rise around here?
"Often enough to earn a name—bog-blight.
Many strange things stalk the deep murk, ojel. Beasts of vine and stone, giant haj mota, ghost people, slimes, plants with maws like crocodiles. Dead-not-dead seem tame by comparison."
So these grave-stakes pin down the dead—they keep them from rising?
"I nod my head. Yes. Until some tail-lifting savage steals the stake.
You see? We are back where we started."

If you leave her follow range, she ceases being your follower and says:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "More pressing business? Fine. If you return to the hunting grounds, I will find you."

As you destroy the bog-blight fumers in the Blackguard camps and retrieve grave-stakes she will occasionally comment.

After the first fumer is destroyed:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Good, The bog-blights will feast on this camp soon enough."

At any other afterward:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Yes! These Blackguards will pay a high price for challenging the Dead-Water tribe!"

Once all the grave-stakes are found and fumers destroyed, she heads for the main camp ahead of you:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Well done. Now, travel north. We will raid their main encampment and finish this!"
<Disappears in a puff of smoke.>

When you arrive at the main camp, she calls you over, as she stands over two slain Blackguards:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Over here, ojel!"

When speaking to her:

"I know I spoke of fighting as one, but these two were too loud and foolish. Tsojei and I had to kill them.
Before they died, they spoke of the Remnant, and the Hist wood grave-stakes."
What did they say?
"One shouted at the other about a relic they could not find. The grave-stake of a krona-kaal—the great Dead-Water war-chief called Etra of the Many Spears.
Few Dead-Water warriors rival Etra. He is wutulm. You would say legend, I think."
And his grave-stake will lead to the Remnant of Argon?
"I blink my eyes. Maybe? Reading a xul-vaat is grave-singer work. We cannot know until we claim the stake. You will have to fight him for it.
All Dead-Water kaals know Etra's resting place. Look west and follow the ridge line. His tomb is there."
You'll help me fight him, right?
"My tail sinks. Etra is buried in the Tomb of Many Spears—an unclean place. Vahat. Or taboo, in the dry-tongue. Tsojei and I cannot fight there. But you can.
If you can pry the stake away from Etra, bring it to the grave-singer's lodge."
And if I can't?
"I will reclaim your body and make a helm of your skull. You have earned that, at least."
All right. I'll claim Etra's grave-stake and meet you at the grave-singer's lodge.

Before you leave, she can be asked about Etra:

"Why do you slump? Bristle your war-spines! Etra was a legend, true. But what you fight is not Etra. It is the pieces not needed, bound together by slime and old-time magic. A beast to crush and cleave!
Take your weapon and strike true!"
Is there anything else you can tell me about Etra of the Many Spears?
"A kaal has no tongue for stories. But … I will do my best.
The naheesh elders say that Etra had a soul older than the tribe. Even before he hatched, the egg-handlers heard him chanting from inside his tiny shell. Blood! Death! Glory!"
And he grew up to be a hero?
"I shake my head. A hero to us. Not to you, I think.
Etra rolled across the marsh like a thunderhead—felling great trees, slaying huge beasts, and eating the hearts of great warriors. Often, Etra would take his opponents' grave-stakes as a trophy."
What did he do with these stakes?
"He stored them in the great stone vault that eventually became his tomb. The place where you will face him. The Tomb of Many Spears.
One dark day, a great slime claimed the vault. When Etra learned of this, he grew furious and attacked."
Did he win?
"He did not. He died in glory.
Many great Dead-Water kaals raided the tomb, seeking pieces of Etra—bones or sinew to make mighty weapons. They all died. Now their corpses, and what remains of Etra's, stalk the tomb forever. Like I said … vahat."
That story wasn't too bad.
"I roll my eyes. If you do not hurry, I will end up telling the story of the slow-legged ojel who lost the Remnant of Argon.
Go now! Be swift!"

Grave-Singer's Lodge[edit]

Jaxsik-Orrn reads the Grave-Stake

Once you have retrieved Etra's Grave-Stake, you can find her in the Grave-Singer's Lodge, speaking with Grave-Singer Ki-At.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "The … is it Etra's story of the grave-stake? Or the Hist's?"
Grave-Singer Ki-At: "Both, my kaal. What is our story if not the story of the Hist?"

She can then be given the grave-stake and she will attempt to read it despite never showing an aptitude for it before.

"I see them return. You destroyed Etra? Good. Let that victory rattle the roots.
Grave-Singer Ki-At tells me that what we seek is not in the grave-stake's symbols, but in the wood itself. I do not know how to read wood, but he says I must."
Here's Etra's grave-stake.
"I shake my head. It is a grave-stake like the others. I do not even know what to look for. The symbols are worn, but … wait. I see it. In the grain. In the whorls and knots.
The Remnant. It swims in the wood. I can almost touch it."
<Golden light appears around Jaxsik's head.>
Does it say where the Remnant is?
"Patience! There are words …. In a garden in a maw of stone? Yes, that is all. I see nothing more."
It must mean something. If we just—
"This is what we hunted for? A garden? I hiss fire. Why could it not be more simple? Kaoc.
There must be more! What do you know that we do not?"
I will share everything I know, if you join us in Lilmoth.
"What is us? The bumbler, Famia? Xukas? The dryscale, Kassandra? A nest of weak-spines and ojel treachery! I will not—
I … am sorry. The Dead-Water are a suspicious people, but you deserve my respect. And my trust. I will join you in Lilmoth."
Thank you. I'll meet you at Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters.

If she is spoken to again before you leave, she says:

"I must talk to Grave-Singer Ki-At for a bit longer. Go now. I will meet you in Lilmoth soon."

Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters[edit]

When you arrive back at Lilmoth and enter the Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters building, you can find Jaxsik-Orrn working with Xukas and Famia to figure out the meaning of the Hist's riddle, though it does not appear to be going well.

If she is spoken to before reporting to Famia, she comments on ojel decor:

"I flare my nostrils. No trophies, stacks of dead-word books everywhere, ugly square-drawings …. How do ojels live this way?"

After giving the information to Famia, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn speak briefly:

Xukas: "The Ree-An-Wo … many strange things stalk the Swallowed Grove, beekos."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Strange or not, Tsojei and I will kill anything that threatens the Remnant. Anything."

If you speak to Jaxsik-Orrn after sharing your findings with Famia, Jaxsik-Orrn grudgingly admits that Famia knows what she is talking about:

"Famia … smarter than some ojels, but still scratching to get into wisdom's egg. Without stronger claws, she will never succeed."

If you speak to her in-between completing this quest and starting the next, she says:

"I tighten my fist. We know where to go. Why do we delay?"

Death and Dreaming[edit]

Once the location of the Swallowed Grove has been revealed and plans to reach it have been made, she can be asked about what she knows of the Grove and her experiences with dream-wallowing.

"Jaxsik-Orrn, daughter and kaal of the Dead-Water tribe, will ride on a boat with the lukiul Kassandra. I shake my head.
Yesterday, Tsojei and I would have tried to kill all but one of you. The Hist makes fools of us all, I think."
What can you tell me about these dream-wallows?
"Each tribe walks the dream differently.
In Dead-Water land, we paint our hands red, breathe in the sacred smoke, then face our kaju dream-beast."
Kaju dream-beast?
"Yes. A Naga must triumph in combat, unassisted, against a sacred-beast the chief chooses for you.
I fought a swamp leviathan. I had to cut my way out of its stomach. Perhaps we will face a new beast today. I sharpen my claws."
Do you know much about the Swallowed Grove?
"I shrug my shoulders. Members of the Dead-Water tribe do not fear this place, but we do not go there. Spirits run free in the Grove—hard to kill, I think. We will find out.
Nothing will stand between us and the Remnant."

Swallowed Grove[edit]

Upon reaching the entrance to the Swallowed Grove, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas start to hear voices and the telltale Hist glow appears around their heads, though no one else can hear what they hear.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "What is that?"
Xukas: "Huh? Did you hear something?"
Kassandra: "What are you two talking about?"
Xukas: "I hear … voices. Do you not hear them?"
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry Xukas, no, I hear nothing. Can you describe—?"
Kassandra: "Famia! We haven't the time. If we are this close to the Remnant, others may be as well. Come."

If you speak to her before entering the cave, she says:

"Keep your claws sharp, ojel."

When you enter the Swallowed Grove, the group will split up during the following conversation:

Kassandra: "All right, we've arrived. What next?"
Xukas: "Something in the grove is linked to the Remnant. It is just a matter of finding it, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "A hunt, then. Good. Whatever speaks to the Remnant here, Tsojei and I will find it."
<Jaxsik-Orrn runs off down the passage.>
Xukas: "And there she goes … She is not wrong. We will cover more ground if we split up. If I see anything, I will find you."
Kassandra: "Very well. You and Famia go ahead. Whiptail and I will follow in a moment."
Famia Mercius: "I hear something … is that creaking? Please say it's not skeletons!"

Eventually you will catch up with her, who will call you over.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Ojel. This way."

<She runs off a patch of Starblossom plants nearby>.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms. Do you see?"

She will be then convinced by the Hist's will and she can be asked about the flower's use in dream-wallowing.

"I spread my truth-spines. All doubt is dead. The Hist's will is clear."
What are you talking about? The flowers told you that?
"The flowers? Flowers do not speak. Do not be weird. The Hist speaks.
In Dead-Water land, we burn starblossoms. Their smoke leads us to the dream-wallow. They are rare as snow in summer, yet here they are. Tell me, did Xukas find something, too?"
Yes. He found deep sap. He said Bright-Throats use it in their dream-wallow rituals.
"I nod my head. Then our course is clear. The Dead-Water way and the Bright-Throat way will join, like blood and water. A dream-wallow unlike any we have seen before.
Xukas and I will guide you down this third path."
Are you sure? Will combining your rituals even work?
"I know it is what the Hist demands. As for what it will do to you? That is a question for a tree-minder or a naheesh dream-talker. I am neither.
This wallow leads to the Remnant—I am certain. We have the ingredients. You must provide the bravery."
I can do that. Where do we go from here?
"We should find the others. I will search one way, you search another."
What is starblossom for?
"Dead-Water warriors burn the petals and inhale the smoke. It stretches the soul and widens our eyes. Without starblossoms, we could not fight our kaju dream-beasts, or learn our killing-names.
Breathing this smoke is a great honor, ojel."

When you approach the doors to the Dreaming Nest, the rest of the group will reconvene.

Xukas: "We are here. No one is harmed, I hope?"
Kassandra: "We're fine, thank you."
Kassandra: "Did you find something? You all seem quite … motivated."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms and deep sap. For the dream-wallow. I feel pain in my throat when I say it, but Famia was right."
Famia Mercius: "Why thank you, Jaxsik-Orrn! The inscription on this door … the Dreaming Nest is just through here. I'm certain."
Kassandra: "Then that is where we go."

The Dreaming Nest[edit]

As you move towards the ritual chamber, the following conversation will be overheard:

Famia Mercius: "Air's a bit thick, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Come. No more delays!"
<The group arrives in the Dreaming Nest chamber.>
Kassandra: "So, this is the Dreaming Nest? Yet another dead end."
Xukas: "There is more here than you think, Kassandra. The dream-wallow will clear the waters. You will see."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Breathe deep, ojel. We will watch over you, but you walk the path alone."

After breathing in the smoke and becoming affected by it, if you speak to her, she will reassure you:

"Dream well and fight well. We will be here when you wake."

After you have experienced Mateem's memories of Ayleid invaders arriving and attacking their people in the Hunting Party Mural vision, if you speak to her, she will appear confused:

"Ayleids … invaders …. Do you see? Do you …?"

After you have experienced Mateem's memories of the ravaged village, if you speak to her, he will urge to keep going.

"So much death …. Filthy ojels!
One mural remains. Find it. Go!"

After you experience the vision from the third mural, you emerge to find Kassandra has betrayed you. When you wake up again, you will find that Jaxsik-Orrn has already gone after them.

The Swamp and the Serpent[edit]


After speaking with Xukas outside the Swallowed Grove, she can be found in the swamps of the Deepmire, surrounded by the corpses of Blackguards. They ambushed her when she caught up to Kassandra.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Xuth! How many of you must I kill?"

You can then ask her about what she has learned.

"Ojel. I hiss fire! I nearly caught that lukiul hag, Kassandra, but Blackguards emerged from all sides. Tsojei and I cannot kill these greels fast enough. We will never catch up at this rate!
Kassandra is working with the Blackguards?
"Yes. From the beginning. I will not say I told you so.
You remember her limp-tailed toadie, Whiptail? He is one of them. Now he and his savages escort Kassandra, and block our pursuit."
I'm here now. Between the two of us, we should be able to make it through.

You can then ask additional questions about her pursuit.

"You are right. But something …. As soon as I arrived here in the Deepmire, the Hist started whispering to me. Trying to dull my fury. Urging patience and trust. I hate it.
But my tongue wanders, and the trail goes cold. We must resume the hunt."
What is Kassandra thinking?
"I shake my head. You expect me to describe the withered heart of some scheming lukiul? She is a savage, and the offspring of savages.
I hear she complains that the Hist does not speak to her. It does not speak because she is not worthy."
What do you think she'll do with the Remnant?
"I tighten my fist. In the beginning, she may have used it to force open the doors to the Hist—to make the Hist speak to her as it speaks to us.
But now? I think she means to use its power to dominate us."
Are you feeling all right now?/Have you seen Famia?
"I shake my head. No. Only her tracks. I can tell you, she struggles to keep up, and turns back often. Perhaps to see if we follow.
She has the heart of a hatchling—not a betrayer. If Kassandra turns on her, she will not last long."
What can you tell me about the Deepmire?
"It is not like the swamplands you know. Old-Sithis stalks here, and unhappy spirits watch your every move. A bad place.
If you fall here, you fall to the Void. So do not fall."
It looks familiar.
"I claw for memories. Something you saw during the dream-wallow, maybe? I recall little—shadows, and the taste of blood and smoke.
Cling to whatever memories you can. They will serve you well, I think."

After Xukas arrives, if you speak to her, she will be confused over why he is here.

"Xukas? As mud is my mother, what is he doing here? This place requires sharp weapons, not sharp tongues.
Still. We may need some cleverness before long. Talk to him. See what he wants."

She and Xukas will then become your followers as you make your way through the Deepmire, searching for Kassandra. If you speak to her, she appears eager to track down more of the Blackguards.

"The Blackguards lurk here, true—but so do dangerous beasts and vicious plants.
No matter! Bare your fangs and know that you will crush these foes. Tsojei calls for blood, and we will see that it drinks its fill."

As you pass the Norg-vos markers, she says:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Norg-vos. Warning stones. Our old-kin built them to keep the Saxhleel away, but we will use them to guide us instead. Fear is for our enemies. They will know it soon."

When you come across the bones of a Swamp Leviathan, she says:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "The bones of a leviathan. An ill omen to be sure—but for whom?"

After you reach the entrance to Xul-Thuxis, your companions will make some comments before entering.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "There is your gate, Xukas. To the Snake-Means-Death City, Xul-Thuxis, and the temple beyond. We challenge the Void here, sword-kin."
Xukas: "It is not so scary if you squint your eyes. Just really narrow your …. No, it is still terrifying."


If you speak to her while inside Xul-Thuxis, she will be annoyed that you have stopped, but she will talk about the history of the ruins.

"Why do you stop? Every moment we delay widens the gap between us and our quarry.
Besides, everything in this city means to do us harm. We should not stay in one place for long."
Where are we?
"I tighten my jaws. Xul-Thuxis. Something like "Snake-Means-Death City." I did not think it existed, but here we are.
The grave-singers say that Sithis priest-kings reigned here in the old-time. You should not disturb the stones if you can help it."
What do you mean?
"I watch the shadows. The old-ones worked magic into their building-stones. Blessings … and curses. Some xanmeers drink of the sun even now. But here, the stones are anointed with seed-oil and blood.
This city is full of killing-secrets."
It doesn't look like these curses stopped the Blackguards.
"Not all curses kill in an instant. Some linger, like a disease of the soul.
We will not make the same mistakes. We move swiftly after Kassandra. All spirits bow to the will of the Hist, and the Hist drives us forward."

Shortly after entering the ruins, you and your companions see a Blackguards camp in the distance.

Xukas: "The Blackguards nest in Xul-Thuxis? Are the mad?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Mad or not, Tsojei and I will hack them dead."

As you search the Blackguard camp, she will smell Kassandra's perfume.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "That room up ahead—it stinks of Kassandra's dryskin perfume. She has been here."

After you find evidence of Kassandra being here recently, Jaxsik-Orrn will overhear something.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Quiet. I hear something."
<Looking through a nearby hole in the wall, Famia—who is flanked by two Blackguard Thugs—can be found speaking with Whiptail.>
Famia Mercius: "Get your hands off me! Where is Kassandra?"
Whiptail: "Well, she left you in my capable hands, sweetheart. You made the mistake of not being useful anymore. But don't worry—I've got a use for you."
Famia Mercius: "I'm not going anywhere with you!"
<Famia abruptly runs down the corridor out of sight.>
Whiptail: "Oh! It's a chase then? Good! No fun without a struggle. Get after her, boys! Take her to the sacrificial chamber!"
<Whiptail orders the thugs to chase after her while he saunters slowly behind them.>
Xukas: "Kassandra cannot be far. She hopes to delay us by putting friend-Famia in danger, I think. Xuth. Come. Let's find another way into the deeper ruins."

If she is spoken with after this, she will say:

"I tighten my fist. Whiptail takes Famia to the Xul-Thuxis temple. He toys with old magic he does not understand. Tsojei thirsts for his blood, but we cannot let Kassandra escape.
I talk too much. We must continue the hunt."

Xul-Thuxis Temple[edit]

A short way into the temple, you will soon catch up to Kassandra, though she will be on the other side of a pool. She will warn you not to follow her if you want to save Famia.

Xukas: "Kassandra!"
Kassandra: "So you made it this far? Impressive."
<She stops walking and faces your group.>
Kassandra: "Alas, you have another engagement. Follow me and Famia dies."
Jaxsik-Orrn "I grind my fangs. The only death that is certain is yours."
Kassandra: "Enough theatrics, Jaxsik-Orrn. The Hist allowed me to acquire this staff. Surely you wouldn't fight the will of the roots."
Jaxsik-Orrn "Now you mock the Hist? I will cut that dry-tongue out of your lying throat!"
<Kassandra runs off and Jaxsik-Orrn dives into the pool to chase after her.>
Xukas: "Wait! Jaxsik!"
Xukas: "Kaoc! You go save friend-Famia from that crazy Naga. I will try to keep Jaxsik alive."
<Xukas dives into the pool after her.>

Hall of Memories[edit]

Once you have stopped Whiptail and saved Famia, you can catch up to Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas in the Hall of Memories. They are both hearing the cries of the Hist, though it is affecting her more.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Can you not hear it? It … rattles my fangs!"
Xukas: "I do, Jaxsik. But you must breathe."
<Xukas notices you and Famia walking up.>
Xukas: "Ah, beeko. And friend-Famia? Thank the Hist."

After speaking with Xukas, he will tell you that she can feel the "Dreaming Tree" nearby. When you speak with her, her speech is uncharacteristically metaphorical.

"Branch and seed. Sap and stone. Root and soul. Dream, in dream, in dream.
I widen my eyes. Do you see? The four of us—tied at the tails. For the sake of mending …! We must see the tree. The tree!"
Easy does it. What tree?
"The dreaming tree—the whispering root. It guided you through the dream. It guides us still.
The tree and the Remnant are one, just as the tribe and the Hist are one. But the vines that bind them are severed. Split at the root. We must mend it!"
All right. Where is this tree?
"I flare my nostrils. Close—very close. Kassandra passes it by, because she cannot hear its calls—but we must find it.
No more talking! We have to find it!"

Right afterwards, she will abruptly run off up the stairs and outside the temple.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Come! It is this way!"
<She runs up the stairs. Xukas and Famia start to follow her.>
Xukas: "And there she goes again."
Famia Mercius: "Is she going to be all right?"
Xukas: "Yes, friend-Famia. This is the will of the Hist. You will see, I think."

Root-Whisper Village[edit]

After following her outside into Root-Whisper Village, you will find her kneeling at the base of a withered Hist tree. When you speak with her, she will explain the connection between the Hist tree and the Remnant everyone is looking for. She will also note that she and Xukas must stay in the village while you and Famia chase down Kassandra.

"I flare my nostrils and fill my lungs. Do you smell it, ojel? The dryness of the branches? The loosening of the soil? This Hist slumbers like the dead. But it is not dead yet.
Its strength lies in the Remnant. In the souls of its tribe."
Will claiming the Remnant bring it back to life?
"It will. The Remnant is very, very close. Deep beneath our feet, cradled in vines and moss.
You have seen its resting place before—in your dream-wallow. A cavern of roots and stone. Tsojei and I want to go with you … but we cannot."
Why not?
"Xukas and I … we set our roots here. I cannot explain it in the dry-tongue. It is like the sun rising, or the rivers flowing downstream. It simply is.
Xukas and I watch over the tree because we must. You find the Remnant because you must."
There's no way I can change your mind? I could use your help.
"I know. But you will not need it.
Take Famia with you to the xanmeer east of here. Keep her safe. She wears the skin of man, but the Hist knows her heart. The two of you will stop Kassandra. I believe this. So should you."
All right. Famia and I will end this.

Before you head off into the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer with Famia, if you to speak with Jaxsik-Orrn, she will have some words of encouragement for you and some prophetical words of the dangers you will face in the ruins.

"Keep your claws sharp. In the xanmeer, Blackguards will be the least of your worries.
Old deaths stalk the halls near the Remnant. Ghosts from the Ayleid elves, beasts of vine and stone, and worse. Even so, Tsojei shouts your name. You will succeed."

The Remnant of Argon[edit]

While you are in the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer, the warriors from the Bright-Throat and Dead-Water tribes will arrive in the village. After you defeat Kassandra, retrieve the Remnant and make your way back to the village, Famia will ask you to find Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas for the final task.

She can be found with her fellow warriors, performing a ritual prayer, and is pleased to see you.

"I loosen my lungs. It is good to see you, sword-kin.
Tsojei screams the victory chant. You reclaimed the Remnant, is it not so?"
Yes. Famia told me to get you and Xukas. We have one last task to perform.
"Yes. I still feel the sting of starblossom smoke in my nostrils. The Hist needs …. Whatever the Hist needs, Tsojei and I will deliver it.
Where is Famia?"
She's waiting for us beneath the tree.
"I nod my head. A fitting place. Good.
I will meet you at the tree."

If you speak with her again, she will say:

"Go to Famia, ojel. I speak truth—I will be there soon."

When you get back to Famia, Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas will arrive shortly after.

Famia Mercius: "You're here … good. The Hist—it's telling me what we need to do. But we … we have to be quick."
<Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn approach and take their places either side of Famia.>
Xukas: "Breathe, friend-Famia. Just tell us what we need to do?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "She does not look well. Maybe we should—."
Famia Mercius: "No! No … I can do it. You have to touch the Remnant together. All three of you. I promise, you won't … you won't be harmed."
<Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn reach out to the Remnant and wait for you to place your hand upon it.>

Within the Remnant[edit]

After touching the Remnant, the three of you will find yourself in a dream-like jungle. She will take the lead, walking out into the larger space with Xukas following.

Xukas: "By the Egg … are we inside the Remnant of Argon?"
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Hmm. Yes. A dream, sealed in amber."
Xukas: "I did not think it would be so … green. So peaceful."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "The peace of the grave. This is a place out of season. Sunless. Unchanging. A place for hiding, not for living. We cannot stay here."
Xukas: "Ha. Spoken like a true Dead-Water kaal. Let's look around."

The Spirit Guide[edit]

While you look around, you will eventually come across the spirit of Sap-Speaker Kuzei, who explains that the souls of the Root-Whisper tribe have been trapped in the Remnant for too long, and need someone to guide them back to the cycle of rebirth. This means that the chosen guide would stay behind, but both Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas are willing to make the sacrifice.

You can speak with her before making your decision; she sees it as a glorious death and as part of her duty to serve her people.

"I fill my lungs. I always imagined I would fall in a spray of curses and blood, but I see now that my passing will be unlike any Dead-Water warrior before me. Quiet, but glorious all the same.
I was born to die for my people. The duty is mine."
You're confident you can ferry the entire tribe to the next life?
"I nod my head. Leadership in war is no different than leadership in peace.
These souls may be disoriented, but deep down they wish to make the journey. Tsojei and I will …. Oh. I suppose Tsojei will stay behind. I had not considered that."
The weapon, but not the soul, right?
"You are right. My egg-brother waits for me somewhere in the world—on the other side of this journey. A comforting thought.
I could not follow you into battle against Kassandra. Let me do this now. I will see these souls to the Hist."
I need to think about this.
"Xukas will try to take this burden on himself. But his tribe—all of Murkmire would mourn him, and many long years may pass before he returns. The marsh would grow darker without him.
If I pass, my people will not mourn. And neither should you."

If you speak with her before telling the Sap-Speaker your decision, she will say:

"I stand ready to guide these souls. Choose wisely, sword-kin."
The Raj-Kaal[edit]
Jaxsik-Orrn transformed into a spirit

If you agreed with her decision to become the Spirit Guide, you can tell the Sap-Speaker you want her to lead the tribe's souls, and the following exchange will occur:

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Thank you, Rootmender. I swear on the sap, nothing will keep this tribe from reaching the next life."
<Her body will painlessly burn away, leaving behind her spirit.>
Xukas: "Friend-Jaxsik, I …."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "My laughing-spine quivers. Xukas has no words? Now, I have seen everything. I … I will miss you. My friend."
Xukas: "Finally, she admits it. Too late …."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "I shake my head. You know I will return some day. For now, care for the tree, and guide the Saxhleel who gather there."
<He then walks away and takes the portal to leave from the Remnant.>
Jaxsik-Orrn: "As for you—sword-kin. Fighting at your side has been the greatest honor a kaal could ask for. Thank you, and farewell."

If you speak to her spirit before leaving:

The Root Herald[edit]

If you agreed with Xukas' decision to become the Spirit Guide, the following exchange will occur:

Xukas: "Thank you for giving me this honor, beeko. I promise, I will guide the tribe safely to the next life."
<His body will painlessly burn away, leaving behind his spirit.>
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Xukas …."
Xukas: "Ha. You do not club me and drag me away? Do not fear for me, Jaxsik. I guide this tribe, but another will gather beneath the branches. You should lead them."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "I will. And when we meet again, you will see a new village—strong and proud."
Xukas: "It could not hope for a better leader."
<She then walks away and takes the portal to leave from the Remnant.>

The Reawakening of the Hist[edit]

If you chose Xukas to be the Spirit Guide, she will return to the waking world with you. After waking up and speaking with Famia, she will hand you the Remnant to give to Jaxsik-Orrn for the ritual to reawaken the Hist.

"I erect my quill of relief. You are back. Good.
Everything is prepared. We only need to place the Remnant with Xukas, and I will begin the ritual to send the souls on their way."
Here. The Remnant is yours, Jaxsik-Orrn.
"Lighter than it looks. I make this vow: while Xukas leads these souls to rebirth, Tsojei and I will form a new tribe here. A tribe of strength, yes, but joy and cleverness also.
When Xukas returns, we will be here to welcome him home."

You can then stay and witness the rebirth of the Hist and the Root-Whisper tribe.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Xukas of the Bright-Throat Tribe, guide these lost souls down the river called Rebirth. Lead them into the waiting arms of the Hist."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Hear me, sword-brothers and root-sisters. This is not a ritual of death, but of change."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "We do not mourn these souls' passing. Like our swords and bows, they find new glory in the place beyond. Beyond the treeline of what living eyes can see."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "We bid them safe journey with song, and dance, and joyful war-cries."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Let them know, as they pass on, that we are the Root-Whisper Tribe! And in this place they will always find a home."

Once the ceremony is completed, you can speak with her.

"I sigh with joy. It is as the Sap-Speaker said … a miracle.
Thank you, sword-kin. I name you true-friend to the Root-Whisper Tribe. In this place, you are always welcome."
What about Dead-Water? Will you leave your village?
"My soul left the village as soon as our journey began. I am no longer a Dead-Water kaal.
Other Saxhleel will find their way here, just as I did. I will try to lead them as Xukas would—with wisdom and cleverness. I hope I am equal to the task."
So you'll welcome outsiders?
"With caution. I have learned that an ally gained can be greater than a hundred enemies slain. But there are still those who would harm us.
Though my hand extends, Tsojei remains by my side."


When you return to Root-Whisper Village at a later time after she has become the leader of the tribe, you can talk to her and she says:

"I make a promise. I will protect this village. I will lead this tribe. Through both strength and words, I will honor the memory of Xukas.
And I plant myself like a cypress, waiting for the day he returns."




  • During her optional dialogue after meeting with her in the Deepmire, selecting the dialogue option "Are you feeling all right now?" has her reply with something unrelated to your question. This is due to this option being initially miswrote, since after selecting other options, it then reappears appropriately written "Have you seen Famia?". ?