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BK-cover-The Redguard Companion.jpg
Release Date January 1, 1998
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
ISBN 978-0929843308
Pages 218
Game Redguard

The Redguard Companion is the official hint and strategy guide for The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. It provides a complete walkthrough of the game, descriptions of each character and enemy you may encounter, and labeled illustrations of the places you'll visit.

"The Redguard Companion is intended as a comprehensive guide to the game world of Redguard, Whether you need an occasional hint to help you solve the toughest puzzles, a step-by-step guide to solving the game, or something in between, you will find you answers here."
— What's In This Book page


Written By
Todd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Kurt Kuhlmann, Ken Rolston, Ronald Wartow
Micheal Kirkbride, John Pearson, Hugh Riley, XL Translab
Brian Stokes
Elizabeth Carnes, Sean Ekanayake
Design And Layout
Peggy Meile

Table of Contents[edit]


  • What's In This Book
  • A Short History of Tamriel
  • The Redguard Story
  • Exploring Redguard
  • Becoming a Master Swordsman

Complete Walkthrough and Area Description[edit]

  • Stros M'Kai
  • Harbor
  • Harbor Tower
  • Market
  • Bell Tower
  • Gerrick's Goods
  • Shrine of Kynareth
  • Silversmith's
  • Town Square
  • Draggin' Tale
  • Temple of Arkay
  • Mage's Guild
  • J'ffer's Books
  • Rollo
  • Cartographer's
  • Smuggler's Den
  • Isle of N'Gasta
  • "An Audience with the Governor"
  • Catacombs
  • Goblin Caverns
  • Dwarven Ruins
  • Yokudan Camp
  • Observatory
  • Saintsport
  • League Hideout
  • "Falicia's Confession" / I'm a Gremlin!
  • Jail
  • The Flask of Lillandril
  • N'Gasta's Tower
  • The Realm of Clavicus Vile
  • Catacombs, part 2
  • "The Sword of the Crown"
  • Palace

Quick and Dirty Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Defeat Restless League pirates aboard Brennan's ship.
  2. Visit Tobias and Dreekius in Draggin Tale.
  3. Take Kotaro's courier job.
  4. Cross the Spine to the Boatman.
  5. Open Tower Gate on Isle of N'gasta with Crowbar.
  6. Receive Amulet from N'gasta.
  7. Return Amulet to Richton in Palace.
  8. Defeat Richton’s men and get thrown into the Catacombs.
  9. In Catacombs, acquire Rusty Key from dying prisoner.
  10. Escape the Catacombs. Query Mariah about Smuggler’s Den.
  11. Ask Krisandra about Smuggler’s Den.
  12. Ask Lakene about Silver Locket and Smuggler’ Den.
  13. Enter Bell Tower, speak to Favis, and climb to get the Monocle.
  14. Enter Harbor Tower and give Monocle to Prnell.
  15. Receive Red Flag.
  16. Wave Red Flag on Harbor Tower Bridge.
  17. Favis rings the bell, and Rollo leaves his house.
  18. Steal Lakene’s Silver Locket from Rollo’s chest.
  19. Receive Password to Smuggler’s Den from Lakene.
  20. Enter Smuggler’s Den.
  21. Obtain Redguard Insignia from Urik.
  22. Open Lighthouse with Rusty Key and signal Yaeli’s ship.
  23. Obtain Yaeli’s confidence with Red Insignia.
  24. Fight Vander in Restless League Hideout.
  25. Receive the Key to Iszara’s Lodge from Basil.
  26. Get Bandage from Basil or Vander.
  27. Use Bandage to make Bloody Bandage.
  28. Open book in Iszara’s Lodge.
  29. Enter Goblin Caverns behind the waterfall.
  30. Read Kithral’s Journal for Password.
  31. Defeat Ogre and retrieve Voa’s Ring.
  32. Purchase book on Dwarven Lore and the Elven Artifacts book from J’ffer’s.
  33. Enter the Dwarven Ruins with the Book of Dwarven Lore.
  34. Traverse the Dwarven Ruins.
  35. Defeat the Steam Golem for the Dwarven Gear.
  36. Repair Observatory with Dwarven Gear.
  37. Solve Starsigns Puzzle in Gypsy Camp.
  38. Talk to Falicia at Mage’s Guild.
  39. Archmage Jaganvir transforms Cyrus into a Gremlin.
  40. At jail, solve Gremlin Speech Puzzle.
  41. From the jailed Joto, receive Map Piece and return to human form.
  42. Fight Dram in the Jail.
  43. Elude Guards at Rooftop Chase.
  44. Take Elven Artifact book to Maiko for Reference Map.
  45. Talk to Falicia about the Flask.
  46. Defeat Guards searching Krisandra’s house.
  47. Get Key from Krisandra.
  48. Use key to enter Krisandra’s storeroom and get Silver Ship.
  49. Talk to Dreekius about the Flask.
  50. Tell Crendal you know he has a piece of the map.
  51. Get Map details from Trithick.
  52. Trick Crendal into showing his map location.
  53. Dig up Trithick’s map piece.
  54. Decipher Maps and dig up the Flask of Lillandi with Shovel.
  55. Return to N’gasta’s Isle.
  56. Defeat N’gasta in his Tower with the Flask.
  57. Using N’gasta’s Book, mix ingredients to escape the Tower.
  58. Solve Clavicus Vile’s Riddle to receive Iszara’s soul from Clavicus Vile.
  59. Enter section 2 of the Catacombs with the Gold Key.
  60. Defeat Dragon for Soul Gem.
  61. At the Temple of Arkay, show Kithral’s Journal and Voa’s Ring to Brother Nidal.
  62. Talk to Saban about Soul Gem, Ring, and Prince A’tor’s body.
  63. Bind A’tor’s Sword to the Soul Gem.
  64. Open the Palace proper with Soul Sword.
  65. Fight through the palace and dispatch Richton to the Great Beyond.

New Information[edit]

The guide has a few names and other bits of lore that are never mentioned in the game.

  • Arkay Fertility Statue — A name for the statue southwest of town, which actually depicts Morwha. It is said that "Arkay's Fertility Statue heals weary travelers in southern Stros M'kai."
  • Brazier of Swords — The brazier revealed by the Talisman of Hunding in the Goblin Caverns.
  • Catacombs — The names Hall of Warriors and Coliseum of Revolution as used on the Recover the Soul Gem walkthrough.
  • Constellations — The Atronach is instead called the Golem and Dwarven variants are given for the Mechanist's (Mage's) charges: the Automaton (Apprentice), the Warmachine (Atronach/Golem), and the Laboratory (Ritual).
  • Hallin Falls — The waterfall that hides the entrance to the Goblin Caverns.
  • Kynareth — The shrines around the island are called Shrines of Kynareth. The description for canah feathers states that "These feathers from the exotic bird of Summerset Isle are both beautiful and highly useful, for the goddess Kynareth's light shines bright for them." The page about The Shrine of Kynareth also says, "Many sailors worship Kynareth, goddess of the air, and pray to her to bless their journeys with strong winds and true lines."
  • Necropolis — The large stone structure on the Isle of N'Gasta where you find a crow bar.
  • N'falilaargus — This spelling is used consistently for Nafaalilargus.
  • Potions — Acute Healing is another name for Pure Water and Aloe Mix, and Blood Lust is the name for the combination of Orc's blood and pig's sac.
  • RacesJ'ffer is confirmed to be a Ja-Khajiit like S'rathra. Additionally, Urik is confirmed to be a Nord.
  • Saintsport — It's confirmed that the town was named in honor of Leki, Saint of the Spirit Sword. The name of the central wayshrine is the Square of Leki. A bit of history is provided for the town:
"This small town on the southeastern section of Stros M'kai used to be an oft used dock for sailors in a hurry, not wanting to use the once busy docks of the main city. The port has now been reduced to a ghost town, and shelter for wandering pirates."
  • Skeletons — They are the undead soldiers from the Battle of Hunding Bay.
  • Town Plaza — Plaza of the Three Princes is the name for the town plaza. The pool is called the Regent's Pool and the structure above it is the Monument of the Three Princes.
  • Vermai — It is revealed that the helmets that N'Gasta's vermai wear keep them under control: "Dark minions of the lesser Daedra lords, N'gasta keeps these creatures under his control through pacifying helmets."
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