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This page provides information on all the creatures in Redguard. It gives details on where each one is found, their strengths and weaknesses if applicable, and any loot dropped. For information about NPCs in the game, see this page.

All creatures are either hostile or passive; there are no neutral creatures which attack only in defense.

Hostile Creatures[edit]

Dwarven Mechanical Giant[edit]

Dwarven Mechanical Giant

The Dwarven Mechanical Giant is a heavily armored construct with an extendable mace on one arm, guarding the final room of the Dwarven Ruins. As the dungeon's boss enemy, it is very deadly and kills instantly if it hits you. The automaton is vulnerable only on its left heel, which can withstand six strikes from your sabre. During the fight, it will taunt you with "Rrrooooaaaaarrrr". Once defeated, the mechanical giant falls apart and drops a Dwarven gear, needed to fix the Observatory during the quest Save Hayle's Soul.

After destroying it, Cyrus will say, "Looks like a gear fell out of that creature." In his log, Cyrus refers to the creature by the name given here, but it is also called "Golem" in the game files. The giant has an appearance similar to Steam Centurions and Dwarven Centurions found in later games.

Dwarven Robot[edit]

Dwarven Robot attacking
In spherical form
  • Takes 4-5 regular hits
  • Rather difficult monster found only in the Dwarven Ruins and steam pipes area
  • Assumes the form of a steel ball until you approach
  • You cannot always defend their attacks.
  • They are more difficult to hit than your average opponent and very quick.
  • Approach and attack as quickly as possible.


Elite Goblin 1
Elite Goblin 2
  • Takes 3-5 regular hits
  • Not that skilled, but quick
  • Found only in the Goblin Caverns
  • Carries a random treasure (gold, potion, or torch)



This red dragon dwells in the treasure vaults section of the Catacombs. You encounter Nafaalilargus near the end of the game when recovering the soul gem. Cyrus has a short conversation with him before he attacks. He is a fairly tough opponent, dealing 20 damage per hit, and you must heat your blade in the nearby brazier to hurt him.



An ogre protects the final resting place of Archmage Voa in the Goblin Caverns. His attacks do 25 damage without any defense potions and cannot be blocked with your sabre. He is invulnerable to normal weapons, and can only be killed by having him smash one of the columns in the room. You must stand close to one of the columns, near the opposite side from the ogre. His axe will destroy the column and part of the ceiling will collapse, killing the beast.

The ogre carries 300 gold, so it is best to enter the caverns with little or no gold (many gold pouches are scattered throughout the dungeon). Cyrus will comment, "He won't be needing this gold anymore."


A shark, with only its fin visible


Skeleton 1
Skeleton 2
Skeleton 3
  • Takes 2 regular hits
  • Easy monster found only on the Isle of N'Gasta
  • Carry 5-10 gold pieces or a random potion


Burning troll
  • Takes 6-7 regular hits
  • Takes 3-4 hits with strength potion
  • Regenerates after about a minute
  • Tough monster found only in the Goblin Caverns
  • You cannot defend against their hits so attack as quickly as possible.
  • Once dead you can torch their bodies to prevent them from regenerating.



Two of these Daedra are found in N'Gasta's Tower.


Zombie 1
Zombie 2
Zombie 3
  • Takes 10 regular hits
  • Regenerates after 10-20 seconds
  • Tough monster found only on the Isle of N'Gasta
  • There seems to be no way to kill them; torching their corpse has no effect.
  • Fortunately, they are very slow monsters, so you can easily outrun them.
  • They do follow you around for a while before 'forgetting' about you.

Passive Creatures[edit]





There is one bull at the Yokudan camp north of Stros M'Kai. You can talk to it, but the bull will respond with "Moooo", or "Moooaaahh" for the last line. Cyrus will cycle through five different lines:

"Don't suppose you know what's going on."
"Have we met before?"
"Ok, cough it up bull, tell me what you know."
"So, my sister is lost, and there's these pirates, and..oh, forget it."
"Blonde hair, anhk on his chest, been poking around that wagon. You know the guy I'm looking for."

Like all non-hostile creatures, the bull cannot be attacked.





Gerrick has a parrot in his store that rhymes nonsense about Iszara and interrupts your conversation. He reveals the location of buried treasure if you talk to him and choose the correct responses to his dialogue. For more details and the entire dialogue, see the main article.

Vile's Dog[edit]

Vile's Dog

Cyrus Transformations[edit]

Canah Bird[edit]

Canah Bird


Cyrus as a gremlin

Other Creatures[edit]


Bats flying around N'Gasta's Tower


Dolphins north of Stros M'Kai