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A userpage? Why not. I kind of entertained the notion of never creating a profile page, while actually becoming an active member on this wiki with thousands of edits. But I guess it was a pretty silly aspiration, and the latter part will never happen as I only seem to make any remotely substantial edits when I'm actually playing one of these games.

I first discovered the Elder Scrolls franchise with Morrowind, and was instantly smitten by the game's epic immensity, the way you just go out there and get lost. I've since played through all the numbered Elder Scrolls games, although I don't think Arena and Daggerfall have aged particularly well. Babies might feel the same way about Morrowind and Oblivion. Or not. I don't know.

What else? Oh yeah, the future! I hope there will be many more numbered Elder Scrolls games, I hope they will be stellar, and I hope they will keep up the spirit of the older games, of freedom of exploration. I am not especially excited concerning the side stuff, such as TES Online.