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About Real Me and Gaming Me[edit]

I am a male living in the United States. I have only played Skyrim, but I enjoy reading about all of the Elder Scrolls games. I'm my play through of Skyrim, I have an Altmer mage who specializes in the school of Restoration. He is named Tandil. I hope to become more active during the months of June, July, and August. Although I have never been the best gamer, I can answer most Skyrim questions you can throw at me. Recently, I began playing Oblivion on the PC and I love it!

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My Skyrim Story[edit]

I am an Altmer mage married to Gifre. We chose to stay at Mixwater Mill, so she has something to do while I am away. I am the Arch-Mage at the College of Winterhold as well as leader of the Dark Brotherhood. I specialize in Restoration magic using spells such as Greater Ward, Bane of the Undead, Healing Hands, and Grand Healing. However, I am also skilled in Conjuration, using spells such as, Conjure Flame Thrall and Reanimate Corpse. I am currently working on becoming Thane in all nine holds. I prefer to ride my horse around the province. I almost never were armor, as I tend to were enchanted robes and boots. We will soon be moving to Heljarchen Hall. My wife and I may just adopt children.

Thank you for your interest in my page.