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I'm "SwedishBerzerker" at Youtube, the official TES forums and, of course, the unofficial ones.

I've played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and am currently playing Battlespire to charge up for Skyrim!

Most of my contributions are in the Arena section and its walkthroughs (I've made a map and added and edited some of the text) and Battlespire (I've added templates and locations to books, made a map and improved the walkthrough and so on). I've also done smaller details in the other games, but nothing much. Next up is Redguard and the Travels games before finally treading on the fresh soil of Skyrim, the first game I've bought on the release date (let alone as a pre-ordered Collector's Edition) for over five years, so this is obviously the most anticipated game in my life!

I discovered TES when I got my Xbox 360 in 2008. Having enjoyed MMORPGs like Tibia, but not having the opportunity to pay for WoW or Tibia with a credit card, and a shitty computer, I wanted a similar experience, but on a console. So Oblivion seemed very interesting to me. Before playing it, I played Arena (basically just the main quest and some random hunting to level up) in the winter of 2008 just to get the chronology somewhat right, and ever since I haven't felt any attraction to MMORPGs - these are the ultimate games! Oblivion blew my mind and it lasted from the end of February to the beginning of July in 2009, so I embarked on Daggerfall (main quest and Fighters Guild) in the autumn/winter and Morrowind GOTY (Xbox original) from the beginning of March to the end of June. Both Oblivion and Morrowind with all the major expansions of course, and they both lasted over 200 hours (Oblivion nearly 300), with only one playthrough on each. And these games were several years old when I bought them!