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Hello lads, Im a Stranger, and before you ask, no, you don't know me. I own Arena, Daggerfall (one of my favorites of all time), Morrowind (also a favorite), Oblivion, and Skyrim. Im a bit of an enthusiast, see. Ive also read Infernal City and Lord of Souls. Ive loved Elder Scrolls ever since my brother brought home Daggerfall all those years ago, and I often got stuck in the hedges of Castle Wayrest. Damn those green demons.

My Various Characters[edit]

Arena- Frank, a Nord with an axe. Need I say more?

Daggerfall- Mac, a Nord who was supposed to be a battlemage but I didn't like spells so hes more of a paladin now. Hes my favorite.

Morrowind- Mac the Second- Macs son, a Nord who often runs into battle half-clothed wielding Shadowsting, and lives in a cave on Solstheim.

Oblivion- Mac III- A Nord Crusader who slaughters elves when no one is looking, especially Dark Elves, who disappoint him for being so inferior to their brothers in Morrowind. Yes, all my characters are Nords, is that a problem? Good.

Skyrim- Mac IV, A nord who runs around with his mate Erandur and two (cough) slaves, er, I mean, dark brotherhood initiates and kills elves for suspicion of being Thalmor spies.


Why do you mass-murder elves? Because they remind me of the English.

How old are you? I signed on to a wiki, not a bloody dating site.

Why 'Stranger'? First thing that came to mind.

How long have you been playing Elder Scrolls? Hmm... Lets see... Carry the one... 11 years.


I guess i'm to put something witty here...

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