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About Me[edit]

I am 18 years old. Started this series with TES 4. Besides Oblivion I also play the guitar, I'm going to be going to college for graphic design. I found this site on Google by accident and got addicted to it, now I want to help out wherever I can.

I have this game for the 360 with KOTN and SI. I'm thinking about getting a version for the PC a lot of the MODs look interesting. I am really just looking at character appearance MODs to start. So if I get pointed in the right direction it will push me more to actually get the game.

I like Rock music. Bands = Muse, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cars, Franz Ferdinand, Greenday... I could go on. I like the color Green. That's pretty much everything you need to know

My Contributions[edit]

Right now I'm trying to help answer many unanswered questions. I hope to edit pages and add information as I get more used to editing, my main goal is through adding what I know to information already here I hope to learn more about the game and the background. I also join discussions on the forums under the same name. I hope to add edit and help with a lot of pages early on when TES V comes out.

My Oblivion Character[edit]

I have a level 30 Argonian, named Jordie I'm trying to get all of his skills and attributes to 100 and buy a house in Skingrad and fill it with lots of rares and stuff. I also want to be the leader of all the guilds and the Dark Brotherhood and be a part of every faction.


I am soon going to make another character with a less conventional style of play. He will be more of an RP character and I will think of his back story and purpose, and write it here.