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ShakenMike had a history of asking questions on talk pages, deleting the responses to them and then asking the question again. Due to these actions (especially the deletion of talk page content) his account was blocked for a week.

After the account was unblocked, he continued to cause consternation. In response, an earlier version of this notice was posted, and other editors were directed to Administrator Noticeboard: ShakenMike for further discussion, if needed.

At that point ShakenMike requested to be blocked and/or have his account deleted. The account is now blocked indefinitely (although the user talk page is still open for editing, as it usually is in case of blocks.)

Note that this page is protected but transcludes User:ShakenMike/ShakenMike. Before ShakenMike volunteered for banning, this would have, in effect, allowed him to continue to add information to the page, but prevent him from removing the warning.