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I am Ipslore the Mage. I come to you hooded...always hooded. The hood may change, but the hoodedness does not. the Dawnbringer.

I was in the Imperial City Prison when Uriel Septim VII was assassinated. I escaped with his Blades, witnessed his death, began my collection with the robes of the Mythic Dawn. Upon escape, I became a Mages Guild Associate, fulfilling various tasks for the halls of Cyrodiil to study at the Arcane University. I obtained a Mage's Hood from a trigger-happy Battlemage. I was appalled at the inefficiency of the Guild, and resolved to reform it. I began fighting the Necromanctic cults of Cyrodiil, and achieved the rank of Evoker.

Not only was I a respected Guild member, I also became a fighter at the Arena due to monetary issues. I bet on a few matches between the Blue Team and the Yellow Team, and with the help of Blademaster Owyn, joined the Blue Team. I became a Blue Team Bloodletter.

I was not happy with this life. The people of the City were concerned about the Emperor's death. I held the Amulet of Kings, I could restore the Septim bloodline and the barriers against Oblivion. I would set out to Weynon Priory, to Grandmaster Jauffre there.

Thus I made my visit to Daedra-pillaged Kvatch, to rescue Martin Septim from the Oblivion siege there. I made my first incarnate visit to the planes of Oblivion, the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon. While I closed the Gate and rescued the lost heir, a fatefully misfired Weak Fireball spell would be very significant in my later life, as it resulted in the death of Kvatch soldier Ilend Vonius, an act witnessed by the deities of the realm. But accuse me not! Look not at me that way! His death was necessary!

At Cloud Ruler Temple I became a Blade Knight Brother, and was sent to the Imperial City to pursue the Mythic Dawn who had stolen the Amulet of Kings. Here, as I resumed my duties as a Knight Brother, Evoker and Bloodletter, I would achieve fame.

Many Legionaries hailed me as Hero of Kvatch on my return but I was also arrested and made to pay a minor fine due to my previous trespass attempting to clean up Ulrich Leland's corruption. While The Bastion chewed me up, a watchman found time to insult me, calling me a murderer for my killing of Vonius. And when I found time to sleep at Merchant's Inn, I was visited by Lucien Lachance, Speaker of the Black Hand, offering me a place within the Assassin's Guild! I attempted to kill the Speaker, but he eluded me.

Undeterred, I went about my various business, becoming quite the local legend with my research into the most dangerous of the Necromantic and Daedric cults. With the assistance of Tar-Meena, Arcane University Librarian, I was able to uncover the source of the Necromancer's power, and also locate the Mythic Dawn's secret shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. I continued to fight on all fronts, and the Oblivion crisis intensified. It split into two separate battles.

Upon my visit to the Dagon Shrine, I took on the persona of a Mythic Dawn Initiate and entered the shrine in this way. I entered the inner sanctum just in time to see Mankar Camoran, their hated leader, disappear into Paradise with the Amulet of Kings. My only chance to follow him was to acquire the Dawn's holy text, the Mysterium Xarxes. To gain the cult's trust and a promotion to Acolyte, I killed the prisoner, Jeelius. Well? Desperate times denote desperate measures. Jeelius, as a priest at the Temple of the One, should know the need to keep the Dragonfires lit! Without gaining the Dawn's trust I would never have escaped alive.

This was how the Oblivion Crisis split in two. On the one hand, I was fighting to acquire the artifacts Emperor Martin required to open a gate to Paradise. On the other hand, I was fighting to defend Bruma from a budding Daedric invasion. At the same time I became a valued tool of Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven, who was just who the Guild needed, in fighting the Necromancers under Mannimarco King of Worms. I also continued my Arena career, gaining wealth and prestige at the esteemed rank of Warrior.

I fought hard alongside such stout warriors as Jauffre, Martin, Hannibal Traven, Raminus Polus, Owyn, Agronak gro-Malog. I saw the deaths of many, such as Prior Maborel, Baurus, Irlav Jarol, and eventually dear never-quite-Emperor Martin. I expanded my collection of robes and hoods. But finally, one day my fight came to an end. I closed the Great Gate, defeated gro-Malog, and destroyed Mannimarco. 'Tis right. I, Ipslore the Dawnbringer, became Arch-Mage, Grand Champion, and Champion of Cyrodiil. With my Mage Apprentice serving as butler, and an annoying Adoring Fan following me wherever I trod, I took residence in the Univeristy and in a shack on the Waterfront. After a while, my life took a turn for the strange.

I started to take an interest in the criminal Guilds of Cyrodiil, the Dark Brotherhood and the Guild of Thieves. I don't know why. Or do I? Yes, I do, I think, but things must be done properly. We'll come to the reason...later.

No-one would have suspected it of an upstanding citizen like me, but I gradually took up Lucien Lachance's previous offer, and also found my way to the Gray Fox and the Thieves Guild. Oh, the fun I would have...