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This user performed with distinction in the Oblivion NPC Redesign Project

Quotes about me[edit]

And even if I confront him about it, he'll go all emotionless/clueless robot on me, and attempt to confuse me. Lucil Hellsing

Me, the Elder Scrolls and UESPWiki[edit]

Hi there, person reading this page. Most likely, you are here because you decided to check out my profile after seeing my UESPholic Test. I'm old contributor who visits occasionaly and sometimes contributes to Oblivion articles. I use the words "old contributor" loosely, because honestly, I didn't really contribute that much. My edit count of 3.000 edits might seem notable, but the reality is that I didn't help a lot with actual content.

I first found out about this Wiki in April 2010. I lurked a bit until making an account in July 2010. I remember the scene: I was on a family vacation at a god-forsaken place with only a weak laptop, and I would try to access the internet through the wifi of the neighbors. A few months later my family (I was in middle school back then) got an internet connection, so in my internet-driven excitement, I spent almost all my free time in this website, one of the very few ones I visited back then. I was very active for a period of a few months, but when my internal craze died down, I stopped visiting almost completely and immediately. Since then, I occasionaly pop up back here.

I still play Oblivion and I have spent an amount of hours on it that's deep into the 4 digits. I've played a few hours of nearly every other Elder Scrolls game. I consider it one of my top 2 favorite games of all time. I brought the UESPholic Test to UESP. I have created a few very small Oblivion mods, some of which have enjoyed small amounts of popularity at Currently, the only mods I use are all the UOPs and my own personal balance mod, which includes a custom race.

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