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About Me[edit]

I've been playing Elder Scrolls since watching a friend of mine play Oblivion years ago and I fell in love with it. My brother Satherian and I became addicted to the game and it's lore and we've been fans for years. I'm excited about Elder Scrolls Online and I hope it will encourage non-Elder Scrolls people to become fans just like us.

If you have an questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to keep it to yourself, but if you really have to say something you can talk to me on my user page.

Personal Info[edit]

Wiki.png This user has been on UESPWiki for 5 years, 11 months, and 23 days.
User-userbox-Oghma Icon.png This user is a Loremaster and spends time re-reading the lore.
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TES Knowledge[edit]

User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion and its DLC.
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TES Gameplay Info[edit]

Lore-race-Bosmer.png This User is a Bosmer
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SR-perktree-Sneak.jpg This user is a master of Sneak.
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SR-quest-Elisif's Tribute.jpg This user worships the 9 Divines.
OB-Window-Julianos.jpg This user worships Julianos.
OB-Window-Stendarr.jpg This user worships Stendarr.
SR-creature-Aspect of Hircine.jpg This user worships Hircine.
SR-symbol-Whiterun.png This user supports Neutrality in the Skyrim Civil War.