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a young man and student. he currently volunteers as a computer technician at a local charity and recently completed his CompTIA A+ and Net+ certification and is proud of it.

he is a Canadian but more specifically one from Toronto though he finds it harder to love his city from its gradual decline in overall well-being of a city, due to taxes, poor government and terrible immigrant control.

he also prefers Morrowind over the other games and is wondering if even the fifth installment of the series can claim the throne.

he can be reached on Xfire, Steam and MSN though if you add him on facebook he will probably decline you.


he is lonely on this site, and would love to make conversation with the nice folk here related to TES. Maybe he can teach you the ways of the Khajiit that he studies as a scholar or maybe you can show him better ways to mod.

you might also notice a bunch of wacky Wiki markup and whatnot on this page; he will use this page (rather than the sandbox) to practice with format, templates and the like.

Why is he here? What does he do here?[edit]

a small contributor to the site, but a long-time fan and reader (made an account after a few minor edits, so he could more properly be attributed in the future). he believes he will one day become a more prominent figure within UESP and/or The Elder Scrolls fanbase once the reigns on his grand idea is given up to the unfolding.

Odessus 04:20, 26 November 2010 (UTC) [[1]]