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I live on the Isle of Man

I play Oblivion on X-Box and computer.

I make my own mods.

I am born under the Atronach.

My characters.[edit]

Sir Alain: Breton level 10 Class: knight and is the Divine Crusader.

Brinna: Imperial level 5 class: archer and is the gray fox.

Adoringus: Wood elf level 2 custom class: "Adoring fan" and is Grand champion of the Arena.

Sheogorath: Mod character, level 10 class: Savant and is Madgod of the Shivering Isles

Plus lots of other lesser characters.


Killed the Adoring Fan 341 times.

Made alot of characters.

Raided the imperial palace.

one of my characters lives in the imperial palace.

I modded the Zealot Temple to have doors and beds and other things.

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