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Good day! (what in the Mane's name is M'aiq doing here?) Uhm, I hope to be of help on this great wiki- I've been using it for a few years now and I love it (:

Some information a certain non-furred creature put here. M'aiq wishes he had more to tell. Sadly, he has not.[edit]

He will take you down. Maybe he will accidentally overtake you. Maybe not. In the end, M'aiq is always right.

I am from Holland, and have done some minor things on Wikipedia, GuildWiki and Wookieepedia. I'm more or less familliar with wiki formatting.

The only major thing about myself I have noted so far is the fact that I am a fanatic user of the reverted smiley (: Why revert? Wouldn't a Khajiit do the same?

Those unique, handmade robes.. the beautiful colored fur, rough and polished at the same time.. the wise expression from those deep, yellow-green eyes..

Oh, and why did I shamelessly rip off the name of one of my favorite characters in Morrowind and Oblivion? Well, for one because I like the name a lot. Secondly, because I was amazed that no-one else did. Opportunity makes the thief (:

Oh, one last thing. I am totally in love with anything Khajiiti. The Khajiit are not just the most beautiful beings in Tamriel, they are also the wisest. So don't touch the Khajiit. If you ever feel even something like a thought coming up about disgracing the Khajiit, I'll have the greatest bad-ass ever made chasing you around like a cliff-racer on a Skooma trip (:

From M'aiq's favorite book[edit]

Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who died in brave battle against the forces of the Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri'sallidad had an escape route he or she failed to use, and died saying, "Damn." --Anonymous, Ahzirr Traajijazeri

In the time we have, we do not want our closest comrades to be dour, dull, colorless, sober, and virginal. If we did, we would have joined the Emperor's Blades. --Anonymous, Ahzirr Traajijazeri

Revenge. With a smile. --Anonymous, Ahzirr Traajijazeri

More things that M'aiq thinks require too much thought.[edit]

AD M'aiq is addicted to The Elder Scrolls, dammit!
User-userbox-Shivering Isles.png M'aiq thinks he dreamed about a strange world filled with toadstools, golden non-furred females (M'aiq liked those, actually) and bearded maniacs. However, M'aiq got so disturbed that he is now actively trying to steer clear of such strange dreams.
OblivionIcon.gif M'aiq thinks he knows something about the strange virtual version of his environment that every non-furred-creature is so excited about. However, M'aiq also thinks he shouldn't do things that require too much effort.
X M'aiq thinks astrology serves no purpose and refuses to use Zodiac sign templates- should they exist on this non-furred-creature made wiki.
User-Eshe-HP.jpg M'aiq is an active supporter of Voldemort and hopes he comes up with a few really original, funny and exciting methods of wreaking havoc in book seven.