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Hey Everybody I'm Lord Arcturus Arryon or otherwise known as Loren Pilloud and I'm kind of odd. I have played all of the main Elder Scrolls games but i have only beaten Morrowind and Oblivion, though i plan on beating the rest sometime from now. i first came into the Elder Scrolls series about a year after Morrowind was released, and now the series continues to be on the top of my gaming list. i'll contribute to the wiki when Skyrim comes out, doing small stuff as spell checking and the like of NPC names, and anything else other people probably wont want to do.

Class, Race and Weapon Preferences among others[edit]

first of all I really love playing Dunmer and Nords but I will try other races when I get bored. my favorite class tends to be a custom class that is a mix between somewhat of a thief and a warrior. my favorite weapons are Axes and Longswords. favorite armor of any of the games would be Bonemold from Morrowind. my favorite elder scrolls game: graphics wise Oblivion quest wise Morrowind.

Other Stuff I Do[edit]

other games I love to play are the Total War Series, Star Wars: Empire at War, Star Wars KotOR, and the Mech Warrior series. other stuff i do offline are Roleplay, my main games as D&D and Star Wars, but ill play just about anything, I also listen to almost any genre of music, if you think its good suggest it to me, some of my favorites are God Is An Astronaut, Goethes Erben, Aryeon and Månegarm. I also go to College when i can and make maps and other stuff.

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