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About Me[edit]

Long time TES series player (since '96 with Daggerfall's Betony Demo, acquired via a PC Gamer US CD-Rom). Have completed Daggerfall and Morrowind. Played through 50% of Arena. Basic operational knowledge of Oblivion, but nothing to hang a "knowledgeable" tag on yet.

Contributed to UESP back before it was a Wiki, having sent in some DF witch coven info back to the old site in the middle of 1998. Probably some other things too, but I can't remember what.


Er, edit stuff. Probably expand on the Daggerfall stuff. Also started a "General Hints" page for Arena.

I also finally have a machine operational that can run Oblivion (and yes, probably Crysis too *groans*), so I am also in the process of familiarizing myself with that game and its expansions (after all official and unofficial bug patches are installed, 'natch). And I'll also play around with Skyrim when it comes out and get my game out for that.