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Tigerboys reject the tyranny of Time and the Chains of the Past. We embrace the Dawn and the coming kalpa of Man, when Tiger-once-Dragon-once-Crab will rule as One.[citation needed]


"Embrace the new dawn!"
—The Ash Titan, herald of the New Kalpa
"You are the last gasp of a dying age. You breathe the stale air of false hope."
The Prophet

T is for TES, which we learn all about.
I is for interesting discussions, of many we have.
G is for Geography, of Nirn.
E is for excitment, about all the new lore.
R is for "really?", the question we're most often asked.
B is for Bal, our vile enemy.
O is for orthographic, because we can't have a globe.
Y is for Ysmir, whom we hold in high esteem.
S is for Shor, friend to the cause.

-MetaCthulhu a.k.a. Tigerboy

I ain't no Tiger Boy, I'm a 'TIGER MAN '-Kwint0n a.k.a. TigerMan

Legoless told me to add a banan quote here, so here it is.[citation needed] T J (talk) 22:29, 15 February 2018 (UTC)

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