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Name: Kiutu (real name is mine to know) Age: 19 Favored Game: Morrowind

Like many of you, I am a huge TES fan. Though I doubt I would be good enough, I would love to actually work for Bethesda, preferably on future TES games. I started with Morrowind, but am trying to backtrack to Arena and Daggerfall, but tech problems are an issue.

I love RPing in TES, even if its with myself. I could write novels about my various characters beyond what is shown in game, but I doubt anyone but me would care.

If anyone wants to get TES nerdy with me, Id love to.

I love collecting in TES. I collect: Weapons Armor Books Clothes Artifacts Keys Unique Un-Enchanted Items

Specific to Morrowind: Souls Skulls Exquisite Rings 6th House Amulets Propylons Slave Bands Bell Hammers Ash Statues

Specific to Oblivion: Normal and Flawless Gems Enchanted Armor Aylied Stones (welkynd, varla) Robe/Hood sets (Mage, Necromancer)