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Hello my name is Ethan. I live in Utah and have just started playing Oblivion About six or so months ago and am already kind of addicted. I think that i am one of the newest members here.

I am fairly smart about oblivion and the shivering isles and some of the plugins. My current dudes are somewhat interesting. All but one of them uses some kind of glicht. My oldest guy is currently in the year 463. His name is Lucifer. He also has a huge infamy(big suprise) and is level 64 using the jail glicht. he has also finished all the quests except the last 2 theives guild missions(because there is that Amusei Glitch where he never reicives the note from the gray fox cause he is permanatly in the leyawin castle). My next guy is a level 45 high elf. He is a master at using spell stackin to bring his speed up to like 10000 or his health up to 50000. he also is incredibly evil and is named sauron. Using the dup glicht i have his permanate magicka at over a thousand and 100 resistances to all elements. to make up for all this he plays on the hardest difficulty. Last but by far my favorite is William Wallace. He is my onl guy which has zero infamy and deosn't use any glicht to his advantage. He also is a knight in so many different ways i can't list them all.

Hello Everyone I haven't figured out how to make those little boxes with the pictures in them(forgot what there called) so this page kind of looks plain. Sorry.