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Phrases and Sayings of Tamriel

"ASS is preferable over TSOASS"

My Character Stats[edit]

Will fill in fully later.


Race: Imperial

Sign: The Tower

Class: Spellsword

Most hated enemy: Cliff racer


Race: Breton

Sign: The Warrior

Class: Spellsword

Level: 17 (underleveling)

Agility: 41

Endurance: 80

Intelligence: 67

Luck: 50

Personality: 51

Speed: 49

Strength: 70

Willpower: 62

Highest skill: Alchemy, level 100 (Over 2000 potions made!)

Lowest skill: Marksman, level 14

Most hated enemy: Clannfear

Ranks: Blades - Knight Sister, Mages Guild - Apprentice, Fighters Guild - Apprentice

Quests Completed: 34

Oblivion Gates Closed: 9

Fame: 33


First game:

Race: Breton
Level: 40+
Main quest completed
Quests Completed: 39
Words of Power Unlocked: 34
Spells Learned: 30

Second game:

Race: Breton
Level: 35
Quests completed: 15