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I am probably a non-typical player. I am a 57y.o. female. I started playing RPG's in 2002 when I had to stop nursing due to MS. I love Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and, of course, Oblivion.

I have been playing Oblivion for probably 3 years on the PS3. I have started over twice. The first time I played, I collected one of everything I found and stored them in my Bruma house. I also overwrote Saves that I thought were not important then I started having *freezing* issue so I restarted. And went back and forth to Shivering Isles doing quests in both. After talking to a tech at Bethesda, now I do not overwrite any Saves... did have to delete a bunch when I got full... and I do not save anything except unique items. And I have had no problems freezing.

In my previous game I had completed almost everything including Shivering Isles, except Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild Quests. Currently, I have completed all quests except DB and Thieves Guilds. And I am about to start Shivering Isles. I think I want to start it before getting any infamy points although I don't know what or if aything it will affect.

I am Complete player and like to do everything and have extensive notes using the ColorNote app on my tablet. I have a page for everything.... from Enchanted Weapons and Armor to Misc Junk. Using the 100% Completion Page, I am currently at 94%.

I am looking forward to Skyrim's release on Friday. Many thanks to everyone here for aiding in my play over the years.  :)