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Who am I?[edit]

Just some guy, you know?

If you want to know more Google Grandmaster z0b or something, I generally use the same name on all forums.

Hey I'm now in the top 50 Active Users! 8)

What are you doing here?[edit]

  • I had only been playing Oblivion properly for a few months, and jumped on here to get a better understanding of this excellent game. Of course I couldn't help but edit a page or two when I saw some spelling and grammatical errors and then made a couple of suggestions about other things.
  • Somehow I'm now volunteering to do a major cleanup of the Useful Spells page
  • Created and did most of the writing on new Useful Enchantments page.
  • Generally fixing up errors and trying to help people out where I can.

Done anything else?[edit]

I'm supposed to be spending all my time on a major mod for Medieval 2 Total War; Medieval Acturiso, however I got addicted to Oblivion in the middle of it and until the developers give us proper editing tools there's not that much we can do...


My current character is Rick Forrester, a custom class Breton. He looks like a typical Breton but with long, bright green hair, I asked my girlfriend what name I should call him and she said "Rick Forrester" as a joke because she'd just finished watching The Bold and the Beautiful, I didn't realise where the name came from and thought it sort of suited an elf, in a stupid kind of way. He's level 19 but pretty powerful due to some effort at efficient leveling and powerful custom enchantments. He's an independant and resourceful guy, who prefers to do things his way, which is why he spends a large part of his time making custom enchanted gear, rather than using stuff he's been given or found. In fact he tried to make money by taking mundane items he found and enchanting them, however his mercantile skill isn't high enough at the moment for this to work, (obviously the solution for him is to create a spell that fortifies mercantile & personality and charms the shopkeeper). He's a good person at heart but not above using a bit of theiving or Necromancy (making Black soul gems) for the greater good. He is now the Arch Mage of the Mages Guild and GrandMaster of Fighters Guild.

I did have another character on the 360, I can't remember his name but he was a Redguard Battlemage, a fairly powerful combination IIRC.