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Welcome to Glenmorial's User Page
  • Status: Active
  • "Real Life": Pretty busy (Don't expect immediate responses!)
You may edit this page

Really, you can! Please feel free!

This is my user page. I like to keep it a certain way. But, the thing is, I trust you. I trust that you'll add something here that makes me smile, that informs me, or that helps to inform others. If I have things in a certain format, I trust that you will respect that format. Actually, scratch that. Since this page is just so simple and plain, my ultimate dream is that some person who thinks it is fun will come along and make it look perfect. See that link up there 'edit this page'? Go for it. It's a wiki world!

Note that quite a lot of Wikipedians watch my user page and will edit mercilessly or even remove altogether any alterations made. This is a wiki, after all.

Comments on how this page currently looks should be directed to my talk page.


First of all, yes, I'm aware of the fact that it's actually Glenmoril witches, I just always thought of them as "Glenmorial" when I was younger and playing Daggerfall, and it stuck. Given how many more typical usernames were taken, I decided something a little "off-kilter" like that would work, and sure enough.... it did.

If you want to know more about myself as a person, you can see my mostly-inactive Wikipedia user page.

My TES Interests

I don't really think it's necessary to get into a biography here or anything like that, but I will mention that I have played all four TES games - Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion. I am, by far, a fan of Daggerfall - perhaps ironically, it worked the best for me out of all of them (though they are all fairly buggy). I think what appeals to me most about Daggerfall, though, is the sense of scale. Whereas in Oblivion you can see the White-Gold Tower through most of the Imperial Province, the land of Daggerfall is -vast-.

Sidebar o' Useful Links

Basically a grab bag for myself of articles I either reference often, or plan to work on improving:

Lots of typos and stuff in these pages, I notice. Should fix that. They could probably use graphics and cleanup, too. Maybe we could use Oblivions graphics to apply some sort of categorization?

Missing some "hidden" ones, I think. And not all of them have information.