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Hi! I've been lurking about this wiki since Morrowind. It wasn't until Oblivion that I finally decided to edit something. Now it's on to Skyrim.

I'll admit it: 100% of my edits are selfish. I want a well-written resource to which I can refer to answer my questions. If some of the stuff I write just happens to help someone else in the meantime...well, it wasn't my intention. That being said, you can be sure I don't abandon my edits. I want something high quality, not a page full of speculation and superstition. I'm most interested in game mechanics, so I'm all over the crafting skills, but I'll happily contribute to any page if I have the knowledge.

My current Skyrim characters:

Petrichor - This male Breton was my first character to venture into Skyrim. I have an unfortunate tendency to power-game, and the lure of Alchemy/Enchanting/Smithing was too great. After creating uber weapons and armor, I quickly finished up the main quest and then relegated him to live in Proudspire Manor for the rest of his days. He is my current test character.
Geosmin - This female High Elf is a secret undercover operative of the Thalmor. Her assignment is to discover and acquire as many powerful magical artifacts as possible before the Thalmor invade this land for good. She disdains armor and weapons, thinking them extremely crude and inefficient compared to magical effects. As such, she never wears armor and only wields staves occasionally. She also sneers at Destruction magic, thinking it a waste of magicka for such a fleeting effect. Her typical modus operandi is to summon atronachs to take care of her enemies while she stands back waiting impatiently for everything to just die. When close combat is necessary, she'll summon a sword to deal with her foes while shielding herself with magic. Her true passion is enchanting; she has a native talent for it and thinks that it's one of the highest forms of magic one can use. After her artifact hunt, she intends to join the Imperials to wipe out the rebelling Stormcloaks and restore order to the land. After all, what good is this realm if it's destroyed by civil war?