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About Me[edit]

Hello, I'm EmmBee. I've been contributing to the wiki since July of 2011, first on Oblivion, now for Skyrim. I had been using UESP for a long time to guide me through Oblivion, and finally decided to give back by contributing clarifications or new information I encountered while playing. I generally contribute when I find things missing from a page that I think are relevant, to correct inaccuracies, or to fix errors in spelling and grammar. I try to thoroughly test and investigate bugs or odd occurrences before making edits, by reloading multiple saves and testing a variety of approaches. I also like to answer questions on talk pages when I can.


Oblivion: My first character, a wood elf thief named Kellin, fell victim to inefficient leveling after about 40 hours of gameplay. So I restarted with a custom class high elf named Sephrenia, making her an efficiently leveled "perfect" character with the goal of reaching 100% completion. At this point I have leveled Sephrenia to godlike status, taking advantage of the Felldew glitch to have several stats over 100. She has a lot of questlines to finish though, including the main one. She is the head of the thieves guild, and has completed Shivering Isles. It's my favorite part of the game. I also have the Thieves Den, Wizard's Tower, and Vile Lair plug-ins.

Going for 100% completion on the XBox presents an interesting challenge. I lost 20 hours of gameplay once when I had to revert to an earlier save to purchase Rosethorn Hall, as Shum gro-Yarug had managed to walk himself off a bridge at some point. I keep a massive amount of new saves, which I have to occasionally pare down to avoid performance issues. I'm currently 100+ hours into the game, and my biggest concern is I will hit the Abomb Bug before I am finished, so I try to minimize the time I leave the game idle. However, working on my Oblivion save has been put on hold in favor of playing...

Skyrim: My character is an Imperial sniper named Willow. I am once again trying to make one godlike character who has done everything possible. Which means I never say no to a quest. At least the new system for leveling means no avoiding actual game play to grind efficiently! My perks are mostly in archery and thief type skills like sneaking, picking pockets, and lockpicking. Armed with a Glass Bow of Frost, and some Backstab/Archery Damage perks, I kill most enemies before they even know I'm there.

Sing for Big-Head[edit]

I have an unhealthy obsession with Big-Head. He is my favorite NPC in all the Elder Scrolls games.

"It went away. But it will come back! It always comes back! It is close. Big-Head can hear it! The Fork of Horripilation! Hear it singing! Songs of home! It comes again. It brings presents! It is not present. Soon it will be! You will find it! Bring the Fork! Hear the music. Music of toads. Music of roads! Sing to yourself, so all can hear! You bring the Fork! Happy day! The blind shall see! The lame shall walk! The short shall tall! Forks for all!"

The Sea of Pants[edit]

I love doing completely senseless things. You know, for fun. While exploring Fort Nikel in Oblivion I became overburdened. Dropping a bunch of stuff into the watery area at the end, I noticed that articles of clothing floated. So I made it a thing to collect pants from people I killed, and drop them in the pond there. I call it my sea of pants, and I like to show it to people when they visit. No, really.

I haven't found anything crazy like that to do in Skyrim yet. Partly because items you drop get removed on cell reset now. I have 400 plus cabbages in a cabinet though. Maybe I'll fill one of my housecarl's rooms with them.