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Hey, I decided to make an account on here a few years ago to help out and contribute to this website.

I occasionally do minor edits such as removing redundant/unnecessary information on pages, fixing spelling errors, and addressing anything else out of the ordinary. I am pretty knowledgeable about Oblivion and Skyrim, and somewhat knowledgable of Morrowind. I have Morrowind on the original Xbox and PC, Oblivion for the Xbox 360 and PC, and Skyrim for the Xbox 360. If you have a question or you wish to message me, feel free to do so on my Discussion page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

That's about it for my user page, a big thanks to the creators, moderators and editors of UESP for what they have done to make this website as good as it is, I wouldn't be very knowledgeable about the Elder Scrolls series without it!